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When Sadness Overwhelms Us

All of us experience grief.  As children we see our grand parents pass.  We lose our pets, great aunts and uncles.  We lose games of school sports.  We fail to make the team.  These are the experiences that help prepare us for the more grave loss of parents, siblings, spouses.  Sadly some of lose our […]

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Embracing Casino Gambling

Casino gambling has spread across this great nation.  In Punkin Center, Missouri, where this writer lives, we see our neighbors leaving to go to “the boat.”  Wow, we think, right here in Punkin Center.  But that is not all.  Casino issues are on ballots across this country.  The Presidential election will draw big crowds – […]

19Oct2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Thirty Years – Grief does not end

Son, I have five brothers, four living. My younger brother David was killed in a motorcycle accident thirty years ago this week. Thirty years. And I still think of him. David was probably the most witty and clever of the bunch. Even as a young child he had the most developed sense of humor. Most […]

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