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Page Displays In A Mobile World

thefiresidepost.com launched in 2007.  We had some success.  Success caused a ripple in our egos – my son’s and mine.  Some people liked our political commentary while others preferred our essays on recipes.  Where should we focus? was the question.  By 2008 we determined that we had an online magazine.  Our magazine knows no bounds […]

2Dec2016 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Gun Control Debate is no Longer About Guns

The vitriolic language from the far right over Second Amendment rights tells a story beyond the fear of losing the right to a thirty round clip in the favorite 9mm semi-automatic hand gun.  This debate is not about guns – this debate is about fear of government.  That is one way to say it – […]

14Feb2013 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Staying Power of Hannah Montana – and Miley Cyrus

I have written before that I know more about 1521 C.E. Europe than I do about pop culture in America today. But this magazine of ours has prompted me to look around. I even wrote a post on Lindsay Lohan. Hannah Montana’s name came up recently because she was selling out a concert in Kansas […]

11Dec2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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THe Finer Points of Space Exploration

I was eight years old when the Soviet Union launched the first orbiting Satellite, sputnik. The space race began as a competition of pride between two countries determined to prove them selves as more advanced than the other. It became something of much greater importance. Our space exploration has produced, energized, and accelerated some of […]

6Dec2008 | | Comments Off on THe Finer Points of Space Exploration | Continued
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Ethics in Journalism – Blogging

Blogging is writing on the edge of the cliff.  Blogging is a perilous business.  Blogger can write anything they want – but if bloggers want to attract regular readers and build a following – they should follow some code of ethics.  Even aside from any commercial or egotistical success – as members of the civilized […]

6Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Ethics in Journalism – Blogging | Continued