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White Suits

Mark Twain enters my mind, Takes a seat, and I become his front porch.   For a man with such great potential Of explosive wit and verbiage– He says nothing as he strikes A match…   …And lights a fine Cuban cigar.   The sun is shining brightly so That the white suit he so […]

21Jun2016 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Romantic Ideal – Flawed Thinking or Good Old Optimism?

The good guy gets the good girl – and conversely the good girl gets the good guy.  Bad guys always loose.  High moral standards, good character, hard work, and unwavering principles always find victory.  Bad governments do not endure while noble governments prevail.  The era of romantic literature has revisited modernity – with predictable disastrous […]

28May2011 | | Comments Off on The Romantic Ideal – Flawed Thinking or Good Old Optimism? | Continued
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Youth Violence – Not Just Fight or Flight

Mark Twain used youth violence as a humorous anecdote necessary to the maturing process of young boys. In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer two boys (one is Tom) confront each other on the street; they taunt, tease, dare, and then scuffle. Tom is victorious when the other boy cries ’nuff!’ Not one sociologist at the time raised a stink about Twain’s portrayal of youth violence.

22Aug2010 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Ron Paul, leaps of logic

Son, Ron Paul’s candidacy for president is not unusual. Every election draws fringe candidates – candidates who generally focus their energy on single issues, make their splash, and then go away. Ron Paul is different in that he addresses multiple issues – but more importantly – he is actually attracting an audience. This success says […]

26Dec2007 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Anonymous Blogging – is there value?

Son, Words – are they the same if you know who said them than if you do not know? Do words stand on their own? Does an idea stand on it’s own? Or is in necessary to put everything in the context of who said it? I write as Ohg Rea Tone, a nom de […]

2Oct2007 | | 5 comments | Continued