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The Individual, Mental Health, and Maturity

Previous posts have explored my personal mental health from both nature and nurture.  Clearly it is difficult to sort out cause and effect.  How might we look at any adult and determine cause of poor behavior?  Individual humans throw a curve ball at stereotypes.  We do not know why two soldiers experiencing the same trauma […]

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The “Shoulds” of Life Have Me Down

I have been a responsible man for most of my life.  Some would challenge that point – because my failures have stood out like atomic bombs.  As a Senior Citizen I don’t face too many life changing events or decisions.  But I do have some responsibilities and those become the burrs under my saddle – […]

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President Obama Is Not Like Other Liberals

President Obama is not in the same league, the same class, the same stratus as the rest of us liberal thinkers.   The rest of us enjoy a good old fashioned fight.  President Obama seems to steer clear of roughhousing.   Who does he think he is – the President? Keith Olberman loves a food fight.  If […]

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Men At Work

We were driving down the street this morning and we noticed three men putting in a retaining wall. We saw a couple of shovels and a wheelbarrow. There were stacks of those pre-formed hex-shaped concrete ‘stones.’ The men had dug out the bank and were placing the stones in place. No more mowing of a […]

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America Should be Led By Grown-Ups

For this writer the words “United States of America” bring a sense of well being.  We are proud to be an American.  But why, we ask ourselves?  Because America means everything that is good about humanity.  America means pride, honor, integrity, ingenuity, exploration, curiosity, kindness, dignity, understanding, openness, comfort, fairness, leadership, bravery, courage, humility, beautiful, […]

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John McCain, true Masculinity

John McCain is a true mature man. This is a person who has managed a life as a warrior and a humanitarian. He is a man of solid values. A man of strength and resolve. A man of compassion. A man of the world. And a man of common people. Can you tell that I […]

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