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“Give’em Hell Barry”

In 1948 Harry Truman was desperate to win the White House.  He had been president for over three years – but he ascended to the throne via the death of Franklin Roosevelt.  Truman was not popular.  The Republican Thomas Dewey led in the polls and in monetary donations.  The pollsters stopped polling two weeks before […]

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McCain Likes A Surge – He Should Try One

John McCain’s Camp is being raided by insurgents.  His allies have gone home to take care of their own business.  The terror of liberalism is reconstituting in the Red States.  Border skirmishes are being lost to the ground game of the Obama Camp.   McCain needs to call his buddy General David Patraeus. General Patraeus is […]

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Joe The Plumber Don’t Wear White Tie

But Barack Obama and John McCain do. And they don’t just look funny. They talk funny. This is from the Al Smith charity dinner Thursday night. Read Full Post and View Videos Here

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McCain has been Doled and Gored

What happened to John McCain?  Our thought is that McCain has been Doled and Gored.  We are speaking of course of Bob Dole and Al Gore.  Both Dole and Gore ran for President – both of them lost.  After the elections both Dole and Gore returned to their natural persona’s.  Where was that guy, we […]

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We don’t want to see this headline again.  It was 1948.  Harry Truman was running to capture the White House on his own merit.  He had been Vice President to Franklin Roosevelt when Roosevelt passed away in 1945.  Truman was not popular and was challenged by Thomas Dewey – the darling of the Republican Party.  […]

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Note to McCain: Sarcasm Is Toxic

John McCain attempted to belittle Obama in their final debate by using sarcasm.  Sarcasm is toxic.  Sarcasm poisons relationships.  Sarcasm poisons reasonable discourse. Sarcasm poisons conversation.  Is this sarcasm an example of how McCain will deal with contentious world leaders? The point here is quite simple. McCain uses his anger, manifested in sarcasm, to try […]

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Once Upon an Election Dreary

Once upon an election dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary Over many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten nonsense – This election does not come gently tapping, rapping at my chamber door.  The campaigns charge into my chamber, into my life – and hang around.  When we vote on November 4 we will […]

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Undecideds Laughing At, Not With, McCain

From TIME’s Amy Sullivan: In politics it is generally not considered a good sign when voters are laughing at you, not with you. And by the end of the third and last presidential debate, the undecided voters who had gathered in Denver for Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg’s focus group were “audibly snickering” at John McCain’s […]

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Finding John McCain

The Presidential race of 2008 is arguably the most anticipated race in history. The economy is weak, we are torn over the war in Iraq, health care has diminished, the unemployment rate is up, and America’s 40 hour workers are scared. Through democracy America has chosen 2 people they feel best to lead this country […]

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Electoral College – a Debate

The race is heating up. The next few weeks will see more debate on the value of the Electoral College, the process of electing the President of the United States of America. This is an important equalizer in American politics. The Founding Fathers established a process based on their immense knowledge and understanding of history. […]

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Debate Expectations

The CW this morning seems to anticipate fireworks (any one see today’s cover of the New York Daily News?) in the last presidential debate tonight: another Hail Mary pass from John McCain, though in exactly what form is anybody’s guess. As Maureen Dowd noted on GMA: McCain needs a big rabbit out of a small […]

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Biden Turns Up Heat on McCain in Ohio Stops

By Perry Bacon Jr. MARIETTA, Ohio — Early in his campaigning as the Democratic vice-presidential nominee, Sen. Joe Biden noted often that John McCain was a longtime Senate colleague and “a friend,” and his rhetoric focused on their differences on policy. Even now, in a speech here today, Biden said, “John McCain is a genuine […]

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The Early Word: The Cost of Going Negative

Just hours away from the third and final presidential debate and less than three weeks from Election Day, a New York Times/CBS News polls finds that the increasingly negative tone of the campaign waged by Senator John McCain appears to be resonating with voters — but not in the way the Republican nominee hoped. The […]

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The Latest on the Polls

OBAMA 53, MCCAIN 39 Bring on the hate speech Senator McCain and Governor Palin – you are showing your stripes.  The American people are happy that you have chosen to show yourself honestly – the picture does not match the words – but we get the picture.

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Live Debate analysis – McCain, Obama, Video Excerpts

We will be posting live on the final debate between McCain and Obama.  Tonight we will refine our process to include live analysis, and possibly scoring points as the debate unfolds.  The pictures framing this paragraph reflect our expectations and bias. Stay with us: Bob Schieffer is the moderator – the format is a sit […]

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Who is That Masked Man? (Obama)

Every time we hear McCain or Palin say, “Who is Barack Obama?” we have to laugh to ourselves.  They remind us of the town folks in the small town that has just been rescued by The Lone Ranger – they always ask, “Who was that Masked Man?”  The next person marvels, “I don’t know.  But […]

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McCain Has Become Irrelevant

John McCain is speaking as we type this post.  McCain is presenting his new economic plan.  The fourth or fifth iteration in the past three weeks.  No one is listening because we all know that in two days, or a week, McCain will have a new and different proposal.  McCain is playing to the polls […]

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The GOP Legacy – Wars, Death, Hatred, Socialism

This is a banner year in American Politics.  This is the year when the people rise up and crucify the self serving, greedy, power and control, mean spirited Republicans.  That was a mouthful, don’t you think.  It is written in the spirit of McCainian Anger.  The American people should be angry.  WARNING to readers – […]

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McCain is Mean Spirited – Slams Congressman Lewis

Congressman John Lewis has condemned the McCain Campaign for ‘…sowing the seeds of hate and division..” and he mentioned the segregationist Governor George Wallace. John Lewis is characterized as a ‘measured man’ – careful with his language…  There are few men in Congress as respected as John Lewis. This writer believes that John McCain has […]

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Education and the Presidential Election of 2008

Education, experience, life – what is really important when choosing a President.  Morality, integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy – we could go on with our hopes for the next President – but for now, let’s look at education. John McCain “…graduated, United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, Md. 1958, and the National War College, Washington, D.C. 1973…”  […]

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Can McCain Win The Debate?

McCain can win this debate – but he will have to hire Bill Clinton as a stand-in to do so.  We are seeing very clearly that words do matter – and Bill Clinton is the modern master of words.  McCain is a seasoned politician, able to deflect criticisms, able to spin content; but this debate […]

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John McCain is Dangerous

There is no other way to say this – John McCain is Dangerous.  We marvel at how McCain’s temper has been dismissed by his colleagues as passion or masculine maturity.  John McCain is an abusive person. This video is partisan – we admit – but the people are real and their perspective is real.  And […]

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The Marines in Iraq

What is it about Marines that make them so special?  When called upon to serve they do not ask why – they merely pack their bags and go.  They do what is asked of them.  They believe in their hearts that their missions are honorable – that they are in the service of America. How […]

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McCain Disgraces Greatest Generation

The McCain campaign has catered to the Skin Head, Nazi, KKK, white supremacy mentality.  We know John McCain, he has been around a long time.  McCain has never catered to the wacko class of degenerate Rush Limbaugh followers.  So what happened? Falling poll numbers prompted desperation.  The McCain camp has been like a rat backed […]

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Teddy Roosevelt, Racism and the Presidency

Teddy Roosevelt was the Vice President under McKinley. He went about the ceremonial duties of the Vice President of that time – accepting an invitation by Booker T. Washington to visit Tuskegee Institute. But fate interceded, McKinley was assassinated and Roosevelt became President. Roosevelt offered a dinner invitation to Booker T. Washington which was readily […]

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Sarah Palin – Terminator Transformer

The genre was resurrected by a different Governor – Arnold Schwarzenegger – and has been taken to the next level by Sarah Palin.  This is the story of robotics – mindless creatures programmed to defend their creator.  The Terminator film series took this to another level – beyond mere defense – the robots are offensive. […]

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McCain and T. R. Roosevelt

John McCain likes to say that one of his heroes or idols or whatever is Teddy Roosevelt – the Republican President at the beginning of the 20th Century.  This writer is also a fan of Roosevelt.  While there are similarities in these men, there are also distinct differences. These differences are rooted in their upbringing. […]

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When We Oppose An American War

What happens when we the people do not agree with a war our government has engaged? We have seen this before, we are seeing it happen now – and we will probably see it again in the future. Are there boundaries of protest? Are there definitions of war that all of us can agree on?

This writer has been as perplexed as anyone on the issue of Iraq. We Americans were united in our determination to punish the people who attacked our country on September 11, 2001. In less than two months Afghanistan was on fire, the Taliban scurrying for cover, and Al Quaeda running for the hills of Tora Bora. All of us cheered the success of our military.

This writer is a child of the 1960’s, we turned 18 during the Tet Offensive in Vietnam. America was losing 300 soldiers each week in this restricted police action. There was no end in sight and the country united against the war.

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McCain-An American Patriot

There is a lot of talk about Senator McCain being nothing more than a bitter, nasty, war mongering, blood thirsty, terrorist of a man. Oh and he is a POW. My friends, have you forgotten how angry America was when the towers were bombed? Maybe those directly affected remember, but not the general public. People […]

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McCain, Palin is Great Because I was a POW

John McCain had a news flash for Americans in the town hall debate the other day.  McCain was clever in demonstrating his comprehension of American politics.  Some of his jargon is difficult to follow – probably because his language was affected while serving as a POW. Highlights from McCain’s debate answers: The moderator is a […]

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McCain’s World View, Power and Control

John McCain likes to say that one of his model Presidents is Teddy Roosevelt – the Republican President at the beginning of the 20th Century.  This writer is also a fan of Roosevelt.  There are stark differences in the world view of McCain and Roosevelt.  Roosevelt was deliberately forceful, McCain reacts out of anger. The […]

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Obama, McCain, Townhall Debate, 10-7-2008

Obama and McCain  will be facing off tonight in a Town hall style debate.  This is a format that McCain has favored.  During the primaries, when McCain was down in the polls and in money, he resurrected his campaign with a town hall format.  McCain is relaxed in smaller groups of people, talking freely with […]

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John McCain and Coercive Diplomacy

The United States is winding down on another ill conceived War.  Vietnam taught some lessons about getting into an open ended war with no clear definition of success.  The first Gulf War seemed to alleviate any lingering concerns Vietnam might have created.  Superior technology, overwhelming force, and arrogant diplomacy replaced professional statesmanship.  John McCain is […]

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The Tragedy of Sarah Palin

The McCain Campaign is absolutely ruthless.  These folks will use and abuse anyone necessary for a win at the polls.  Caught up in this disaster of morality is Sarah Palin, the Governor of Alaska.  Palin has to own some of the choices she makes – but the allure of power has distorted her powers of […]

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Letterman with Brian Williams

This is just a fascinating segment on David Letterman.  Letterman, as most know, has been after McCain for a week – McCain bailed out on a Letterman segment.  But to have Brian Williams on this talk/comedy show brings up issues that would really be funny if they were not so serious. Brian Williams notes with […]

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Stubborn McCain Champions War

John McCain owns the Republican Party – at least for the next two months.  He owns the Republican National Convention.  He owns the message being presented by every speaker and every video.  The stubbornness of John McCain is evident in the message presented.  McCain’s life bookends are all about War.  His adult life is framed […]

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Americans want a Revolution – 2008

We are ready.  We are ready for change.  We are ready for a Revolution. The American people have already demonstrated a powerful desire for revolution.  Witness the Party Primaries of 2007 and 2008.  Democrats have registered to vote in historic numbers.  Barack Obama – a relative unknown – won because he represented the best chance […]

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Rednecks For Palin, Wasilla, AA

“How come we don’t got two names like my cousins in Punkin Center, Missouri?” Jed was pondering out loud. “Cause down in Missouri they all gots the same first name, they gots to have two names so’s they can tell each other apart,” responded Jeb. “Well how come my cousins down in Punkin Center is […]

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Obama Explains Economy in Speech

Barack Obama has come through with a practical explanation of the economic problems and the fear Americans are experiencing.  Obama has remained cool and Presidential while McCain continues to harangue anyone who questions his judgement. This is an excellent example of the difference in leadership styles.  McCain is erratic and risk taking, bounding from one […]

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McCain Palin, Visibility Without Exposure

What a sad predicament our free press finds itself in – it has to deal with John McCain.  McCain refuses to take reporters questions and shields his running mate from scrutiny.  Sarah Palin has met with foreign leaders in New York – but McCain’s camp did not allow reporters to participate, other than with video […]

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The Perfect Economic Storm, With No Captain – video

The Perfect Storm.  That moment when unique weather patterns come together to create the absolute most havoc.  Bush and McCain and their Republican cronies have created that moment in our economy. The storm began with letting up on banking regulations.  Then they deregulated investment banks. The idea was that home prices would continue to climb […]

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McCain, a Compulsive Gambler (Song Video)

John McCain is going to Las Vegas, would you give him $100 to gamble on your behalf?  There is gambling, and then there is compulsive gambling – very different modes of entertainment.  John McCain is a compulsive gambler, the champion of the religious right. Compulsive gambling is destroying America.  Down the road in St. Joe […]

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The Titanic USA is Sinking, Passengers Are in Life Boats

Two years ago Barack Obama, a freshman Senator from Illinois launched his bid for the Presidency of the United States.  He campaigned on a message of change.  Two years ago John McCain launched his bid for the Presidency of the United States.  He campaigned on a message of experience.  Today, each candidate talks change and […]

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Hypocrisy is a Bridge to Nowhere

Local hypocrites beg Feds for money.  That might have been a better headline in a local newspaper.  The actual headline is, “Local Officials rallying for funds.”  This small Missouri community is very conservative – the joke around town is that we have too many churches and not enough strip joints (127 Churches, one strip joint).  […]

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Was McCain Right About Iraq?

John McCain has been wrong on social justice, on business regulations, and on tax breaks for Big Oil.  But probably the most egregious error has been on foreign policy, on military action, and most specifically on Iraq.  It could be more tolerable if McCain had not taken his eye off the prize – the capture […]

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Who Won The Debate, 9-26-2008

This writer watched closely. We felt that each candidate accomplished what they needed for this particular evening. Obama showed he could stand on the stage of foreign policy with McCain. After a tumultuous week of zig zagging McCain needed to show himself in command of his faculties. Here are some reviews done by other media […]

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McCain’s Problematic Use of ‘Naive’

John McCain likes to refer to Barack Obama as being naive, always in the context of foreign policy.  McCain says Obama is naive about Iraq, about Russia, about terrorists.  But McCain should be careful with this word.  John McCain has championed deregulation for rich bankers and Big Oil – with the belief that these folks […]

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Obama, McCain Debate, Video and summary 9-26-2008

Tonight is an important event in the 2008 Presidential election.  The debate on national security between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain will help voters understand their choices.  These are very different men.  They have very different ideas about National Security.  Both are patriotic – both are ambitious. The Fireside Post will be posting […]

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Redneck War Debate

We called the television station down the road in St. Joe to ask about the debate.  We wanted to know what they was gonna ask those fellas, McCain and Obama.  They tode us that they is not asking any questions.  Someone in one of the big cities gets to ask the questions.  Well, we had […]

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America has lost Economic Authority

The past century saw American dominance in the world foreign policy and Economic Markets.  Pearl Harbor awakened a ‘sleeping giant.’  The rise of Communism in the Far East and the spread of Socialism in Europe and other geographic areas saw an advancing economic influence of free market capitalism.  In the span of eight short years […]

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