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My Psychiatric Nerve

I have problems; always have had, likely always will.   One of the problems is in naming my problems.  Naming problems is categorically dependent.  When naming a problem, do I use the language of religion, psychiatry, layman, political party – or some variation of modern self-help-ism.  As with most spoken words it depends on the audience. […]

7Nov2016 | | Comments Off on My Psychiatric Nerve | Continued
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Old Women Talk and Gay Marriage

My mother is eighty-five years old.  She has been living alone the past two months after my father, her husband of sixty-three years, passed away.  She asked me to help refinish her dining room table – and what are you gonna’ do?  So I sanded and polished while she sat and talked.  I was surprised […]

7May2012 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Sins of Our Father – and Other Life Prejudices

At some point in each or our lives we have to ask ourselves – who am I?  Social order forces the question.  We cannot live a complete life without someone challenging at least one of our belief systems – and often our entire concept of proper culture.  Prejudices must be examined and rethought – for […]

22May2010 | | Comments Off on Sins of Our Father – and Other Life Prejudices | Continued
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Reflecting On The Music Of My Mother

I was fumbling around on youtube this morning and found this Patsy Cline rendition of Tennessee Waltz.    My mother introduced me to this song.  She was not trying to – this was one of the songs she sang while wringing out the laundry in her wringer wash machine.   Hearing Patsy Cline sing this old song […]

1Apr2010 | | Comments Off on Reflecting On The Music Of My Mother | Continued
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Coming to yourself – escaping parental domination

We commented in an earlier post that ‘original sin’ equates with escaping the dysfunction of your family of origin. That includes escaping the domination of parents. Parent are powerful – the most powerful two people a child will ever experience.  That is the fundamental triangle of life, Father, Mother, Child.  The lens through which we […]

29Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Coming to yourself – escaping parental domination | Continued
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Spirituality, Confused with Co-dependency

Son, Healthy spirituality – what is it?  What does it look like?  What is at the root?  A discussion like this leads to a discussion on generally healthy behaviors.  This leads to discussion on co-dependency, drug addiction, and other destructive behaviors.  Notice how I conveniently lumped different maladies together?  This is where the discussion often […]

17Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Spirituality, Confused with Co-dependency | Continued