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BREAKING NEWS!!:  We just realized today that, based on historical statistics, our mortality may be in jeopardy.  Seriously, we cannot support the idea of immortality with any historical facts.  And even more serious – aren’t these statements obvious!  So why did I start with “BREAKING NEWS!!!” I was born at about the same time as […]

21Sep2016 | | 1 comment | Continued
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OJ Defines the Media, Media Defines OJ

OJ Simpson is in the news again – a regular for the past forty years.  Ironically – OJ’s celebrity status was a product of the media – but the media was defined in many ways by the celebrity of OJ. The excitement OJ generated on the football field directly contributed to the excitement of televised […]

5Dec2008 | | Comments Off on OJ Defines the Media, Media Defines OJ | Continued
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Tim Russert Dies

Shocking news. Tim Russert, the journalist of NBC and MSNBC fame has died of an apparent heart attack. This writer has not been kind to Mr. Russert. We did not appreciate his managing of political debates. But that does not diminish our shock at the sudden and unexpected death of Mr. Russert. Mr. Russert was […]

14Jun2008 | | Comments Off on Tim Russert Dies | Continued
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The Obama Mystique

MSNBC’s David Gregory is doing well on his new program. What is inside the Obama mystique, he asks: His panel answers:

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Olberman on WalMart, O’Reilly, and Dobson

Keith Olberman is at his best on his own show. He falters when paired with a co-host on political programs – but his sense of humor, his intellect, and his willingness to confront immorality shines when he is on his own. Here is Olberman taking it to WalMart.

2Apr2008 | | Comments Off on Olberman on WalMart, O’Reilly, and Dobson | Continued
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Reporting on Reverend Wright – and Getting it Wrong

It is difficult to grapple with the complexities of faith and politics, and it is disheartening when the two meet like runaway trains in the night while the media circles above like a vulture. Our society is increasingly weary of the cult style theology of the conservative Christian political movement, and rightfully so. I find […]

18Mar2008 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Obama Clinton Ohio debate, 2-26-2008

6:30 PM CST at Cleveland State University. The debate should be interesting. We will open with a brief synopsis of the past few days and then have a running commentary during the debate – the post will be updated every 15 – 20 minutes, the first update at about 8:20 PM CST. I sit at […]

27Feb2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Lynching O’Reilly by Olberman

Son, Bill O’Reilly stepped across the line – The line of decency that most of us outside of FOX News lives by. Lynching was a horrific practice of murder and intimidation to demonstrate to other African-Americans that they have no power – that we have all the power. O’Reilly used several phrases, ‘lynching,’ ‘tracking down,’ […]

22Feb2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Pimpep by David Shuster and MSNBC

Son, MSNBC has reached a new low in political reporting. David Shuster referred to Chelsea Clinton being “pimped out” by the Clinton campaign. He offered a Chris Matthews sort of apology on Morning Joe this morning. Like Chris Matthews – it was a non- apology. MSNBC has consistently attacked the Clinton campaign. Matthews has been […]

9Feb2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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John McCain on Iraq Strategy – Meet The Press

Son, I am in no way an advocate of the war in Iraq. With that said our country is engaged in a War. A war whose outcome has serious consequence for America. John McCain is a man who understands war. Mr. McCain is not a war monger. He is not a cruel man. Mr. McCain […]

29Jan2008 | | Comments Off on John McCain on Iraq Strategy – Meet The Press | Continued
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Matthews and Russert – Laurel and Hardy

Son, Chris Matthews and Tim Russert remind me of the original comedy team of Laurel and Hardy. Russert does not like to do heavy lifting – so he asks questions about driver’s licenses and race and gender. At a recent round table discussion Russert said something about women voters – a female panelist responded that […]

26Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Matthews and Russert – Laurel and Hardy | Continued
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MSNBC Dumbs Down Demographics

Son, The constant harping on polls by demographics is wearing thin. Chris Matthews and Tim Russert have to be two of the worst. The suggestion is that people can only vote for people like themselves. Women vote for women. Blacks vote for blacks. Matthews votes for Russert. This denigration of masses of people based on […]

26Jan2008 | | Comments Off on MSNBC Dumbs Down Demographics | Continued
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Bush ‘idiot’ video – is or is not

Son, Is linguistic skill the qualifier for intellect? Does one have to speak well to be considered intelligent? Does George Bush fail at speech, or does the problem run deeper? Joe Scarborough hosted a worthy discussion on the intelligence of President Bush. Dad

22Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bush ‘idiot’ video – is or is not | Continued
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Chris Matthews is under siege

Son, Chris Matthews is in trouble. He has been making bigoted statements about women in general and Hillary Clinton in particular. His racism flowed out of every sweat pore after the New Hampshire primary. Today he is under siege by the public and the management at MSNBC. The good old boys club of male reporters […]

20Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Chris Matthews is under siege | Continued
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Morning Joe defends Chris Matthews

Son, The MSNBC good old boys club has circled the wagons. Chris Matthews is under fire for his sexist and racist comments during the presidential primaries. Matthews offered a horrible apology on his Hardball show yesterday. Well, I guess he calls it an apology. Matthews said that everything he said was correct and that if […]

18Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Morning Joe defends Chris Matthews | Continued
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Nevada Democratic Debate, 1-15-08, On race

Son, The debate is on.  Brian William is giving the introduction of a Q & A format.  Time Russert is there – unfortunately.  But Brian Williams is a fair journalist and will moderate his colleague.    It begins with race. BW to Clinton: How did we get here? Clinton, “MLK’s dreams have been realized.  Senator […]

16Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Nevada Democratic Debate, 1-15-08, On race | Continued
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Tim Russert plays the gender card

Son, Tim Russert was ‘interviewing’ Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press this morning.  His line of questioning suggested his chauvinism rests just under the surface.  Russert asked of Hillary, “What was the moment of greatest adversity for you?”   Hillary’s answer, “We all know the answer to that.” Yes we do – and so did Russert.  […]

14Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Tim Russert plays the gender card | Continued
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Hillary Clinton with Tim Russert

Son, Tim Russert played his cards at the table of a master.  He came up short.  But that is why Hillary Clinton is busy running for President and Tim Russert is busy sucking up to his buddy Chris Matthews and the corporate bosses who manage the media.  One can almost see Russert thinking, “Oh Boy, […]

13Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Trash Talk – the elixir of life

 Son, Trash talk is the elixir of life, the stimulus of humanity, the foreplay of debate, a ceremonial dance before the big event.  Trash Talk is the spirit of politics, sports, scientific innovation, and even religion.  Minus Trash Talk, nothing is left. Did you ever notice two boxers at their weigh-in.  One might think it […]

13Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Trash Talk – the elixir of life | Continued
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Chris Matthews, Racist, Chauvinist

Son, The star of Chris Matthews has risen. Now we can see who he really is. And it is not pretty. Clinton scored a huge comeback in New Hampshire. Matthews explanation – “…the New Hampshire voters lied to the pollsters. They lied about voting for a black man because they were embarrassed… Hillary did not […]

9Jan2008 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Chris Matthews – arrogance personified

Son, I was once a fan of Chris Matthews. He is on Morning Joe again this morning and he is absolutely pathetic in his self promotion. They are discussing the 2008 election and Matthews just said, “If Obama winds in Iowa then Bill Clinton will be saying, ‘Matthews was right.’” Whooee – Does he think […]

26Dec2007 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Chris Matthews on Morning Joe

Son, Chris Matthews has lost complete touch with reality. Matthews is the host of the MSNBC program Hardball. They call it Hardball because Matthews is supposed to be asking the hard questions. That was probably true – a couple of years ago. On Morning Joe this morning, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, Joe and Matthews were talking […]

29Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Chris Matthews on Morning Joe | Continued
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Media Hosts fail as Celebrities

Son, A tragedy has befallen American Journalism. Cable and satellite feeds have created monster celebrities in the field of journalism. Everyone wants to be Walter Cronkite. The problem is that hey have not earned the stature. Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, Bill O’Reilly, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, to name a few. These people have […]

25Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Media Hosts fail as Celebrities | Continued
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Hate Crimes, revisiting the Jena 6

Son, Some people have responded in a rather angry fashion to a post I wrote on hate crimes. Some people really oppose the idea of hate crimes. But we use descriptive words like ‘hate’ to further identify and segregate a number of offenses. When a man beats his wife – it is not just assault […]

9Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Hate Crimes, revisiting the Jena 6 | Continued
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Dead Immigrants

Son, We have become a disgusting society. Reader – prepare yourself for some sarcasm – this struck me as a blatant disregard for human life – read on. The banner headline on MSNBC as we speak is “Unidentified bodies often buried at taxpayer expense.” Heaven Forbid! What have we come to? Doctor Stern (Someone being […]

28Sep2007 | | 5 comments | Continued
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Hate Crime and the Jena 6

Son, This morning, September 28, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough said, “I have never understood hate crime legislation, but if it makes some people feel good so be it.” That is the standard shallow line of the conservatives – and they try to act so innocent. They raise their hands in that Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin pantomime […]

28Sep2007 | | 8 comments | Continued