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Poverty And No Birth Control

I have written about the ‘twoness’ of parenthood.  The paradox of love versus stress.  My parents were not different than other parents.  They loved us even when they were unable to express the love overtly.  When my father came home from the War in Europe he reunited with my mother, they were promptly married, and […]

9Dec2017 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Political Party Custom and Nature

World War Two in Europe was winding down.  There was talk of an armistice – a mutually agreeable peace treaty.  The allies, Soviet, English, and American, called for an unconditional surrender – there would be no armistice.  Some criticized ‘unconditional’ as too severe.  These terms seem to apply to the current atmosphere in Washington D. […]

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John McCain is Dangerous

There is no other way to say this – John McCain is Dangerous.  We marvel at how McCain’s temper has been dismissed by his colleagues as passion or masculine maturity.  John McCain is an abusive person. This video is partisan – we admit – but the people are real and their perspective is real.  And […]

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Boone Pickens – Money blowing in the wind

Included in this post are excerpts from a previous post.  Added here are commentary from T. Boone Pickens on CNBS discussing the economics of energy.  We can check the video and then discuss the harmony of wind energy with nature. Pickens speaks economically of the great wind corridor stretching from Texas to Canada.  I live […]

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