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Kansas City City Market, Beignet, and Moody Football Fans

We invested a day at the Kansas City City Market.  Today, in fact.  A Sunday and the Chiefs are playing – but we have a DVR and are recording the game.  We are at the market to meet family and are hoping that we do not inadvertently hear the score of the game.  We did […]

17Sep2017 | | 0 comments | Continued
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George W. Bush – Alone With His Thoughts

All or nothing! On Wall Street: On Foreign Affairs: Thoughts about New Orleans:

26Apr2010 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Gustav Moves In, Iowa Moves Out

Natural disasters are good press.  Its a sure thing.  Its like marketing Jesus.  You can’t go wrong.  But, much like marketing Jesus, you can’t stick with the same old spiel.  You have to be fresh and relevant.  You have to go with the flow. When Iowa was hit with severe flooding this summer, it made […]

4Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Gustav Moves In, Iowa Moves Out | Continued
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The Bush Library, Top Ten List of Locations

The George W. Bush Presidential Library is headed for the campus of the Southern Methodist University in Dallas, and in full George W. Bush fashion it is bundled with a policy institue that is intended to promote the ideas and values of the 43rd President. This would not be a big deal in itself, since […]

20Aug2008 | | Comments Off on The Bush Library, Top Ten List of Locations | Continued
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The Debates – good or evil

Son, There is value in our election process. The Founding Fathers debated the idea of having the popular vote. There were some who thought the idea was flawed. Some said only landowners should vote. Some said only those with an education should vote. Some wanted a Monarchy. The debate amongst the Founding Fathers – a […]

24Jan2008 | | Comments Off on The Debates – good or evil | Continued