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Clean Body, Clean Mind?

Columnist Lee Dye reports: Maybe what the world really needs is a hot, sudsy bath. Researchers in Great Britain have found that even just washing your hands may make you less harsh in your judgment of others. Their study, published in the journal Psychological Science, asserts that feeling clean can “reduce the perceived seriousness of […]

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OJ Defines the Media, Media Defines OJ

OJ Simpson is in the news again – a regular for the past forty years.  Ironically – OJ’s celebrity status was a product of the media – but the media was defined in many ways by the celebrity of OJ. The excitement OJ generated on the football field directly contributed to the excitement of televised […]

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Mission Endeavour

(Update: 8:25 p.m. EST) Space Shuttle Endeavour lit up the sky at the Kennedy Space Center as it launched tonight, racing up the east coast of the United States on its way to orbit Seven astronauts are on board.  Their flight is scheduled to run just shy of fifteen days. By space shuttle standards, the […]

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The Moose Stops Here

By FRANK RICH Published: November 16, 2008 ELECTION junkies in acute withdrawal need suffer no longer. Though the exciting Obama-McCain race is over, the cockfight among the losers has only just begun. The conservative crackup may be ugly, but as entertainment, it’s two thumbs up! Over at Fox News, Greta Van Susteren has been trashing […]

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Palin Soaks Up Media Spotlight

ABC’s Kate Snow reports: Bill McAllister is suddenly a very busy man.  As spokesman for the Governor of Alaska, his role was pretty much taken over in an instant last August — the moment Governor Sarah Palin was selected as John McCain’s running mate.  The McCain campaign quickly selected a brand new team of communication […]

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First Press Conference

Well, if the presidential campaign didn’t convince you that Barack Obama is one disciplined fellow, his first public appearance as President-elect certainly should have. The press conference was notable for several things: –he did not stray from or change a single position that he took during the course of the campaign. He emphasized his previous […]

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The Pollster WaPo-ABC Track: Early Birds for Obama

By Jon Cohen and Jennifer Agiesta More than twelve million voters have already cast ballots in the presidential contest, according to one estimate, and new data from the Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll shows these voters breaking Democratic by a wide margin. Among those who said they have already voted at an early voting location […]

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The Latest on the Polls

OBAMA 53, MCCAIN 39 Bring on the hate speech Senator McCain and Governor Palin – you are showing your stripes.  The American people are happy that you have chosen to show yourself honestly – the picture does not match the words – but we get the picture.

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Ethics in Journalism – Seek Truth

The internet has thrown the world of journalism off balance.  The reality today is that anyone can be their own publisher and editor.  The Society of Professional Journalists have a code of ethics.  These ethics are the definition of right and wrong in reporting news. The Fireside Post is doing a series on ethics in […]

5Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Ethics in Journalism – Seek Truth | Continued
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The Internet Big Bang

The universe of modern media has been knocked off course, perhaps even blown to pieces.  The order of the media universe has been disrupted a few times by technology.  The printing press, radio, and television, and then cable television revolutionized means of communication.  The common denominator that has not changed is in top down construction […]

2Sep2008 | | Comments Off on The Internet Big Bang | Continued
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Copycatery – By Steven Colbert

There is no one like Steven Colbert to pound an issue home. The Colbert Report hosted both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama last week. Clinton had inked the deal before Obama – so – imagine this, The Clinton campaign is accusing Obama of being a copycat. We are reaching for new lows in this Presidential […]

24Apr2008 | | Comments Off on Copycatery – By Steven Colbert | Continued
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Fox News – Bush’s Last Lap

Fox News has become the embarrassment of professional journalism. Ranking beneath bloggers in factual reporting and fair commentary, the only success of Fox has been to lower the bar of media expectations. Fortunately for all Americans, we can depend on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Intelligent reporting that is clearly unbiased may seem boring […]

12Apr2008 | | Comments Off on Fox News – Bush’s Last Lap | Continued
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“Take a Listen to this”

The mainstream media is driving me nuts.  People who work in journalism, even bloggers, have some duty to try to use proper grammar.  I make mistakes – because I am not an authority on proper English.  Was I supposed to capitalize English?  The point is that I try to ask myself questions of propriety. I […]

2Apr2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Lynching O’Reilly by Olberman

Son, Bill O’Reilly stepped across the line – The line of decency that most of us outside of FOX News lives by. Lynching was a horrific practice of murder and intimidation to demonstrate to other African-Americans that they have no power – that we have all the power. O’Reilly used several phrases, ‘lynching,’ ‘tracking down,’ […]

22Feb2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Jon Stewart on color in the race, and Karl Rove

Son, Jon Stewart has really got it going. The election process is better for him than it is for us. Stewart has the ability to merge the written word, the spoken word, and video images. He is particularly adept at pointing out the obvious. The Television Networks, including cable, have gone to extremes to showcase […]

8Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Jon Stewart on color in the race, and Karl Rove | Continued
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Bill Moyers, Rupert Murdock, PBS

Son, I am a big fan of Bill Moyers.  He is that long time respected journalist that now works exclusively for PBS,  Bill Moyers brings intellect, poise, and dignity to journalism.  Over the years Moyers has introduced me to such influential people as Joseph Campbell and Robert Bly.  I respect him a great deal – […]

31Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bill Moyers, Rupert Murdock, PBS | Continued
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Clinton Ambushed Obama in Florida

Son, Hillary Clinton played a nasty game tonight. She ambushed Barack Obama in Florida. How so? There was no open competition. The Democratic National Committee chose not to recognize the Florida Primary because Florida chose to move the date of the Primary. The candidates had agreed not to campaign in Florida and to not accept […]

30Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Grief – an Emotional Response to the Economy

Son, I am suffering the stock market drop. My portfolio for retirement has been devastated. The emotion is gripping. As I pondered my own reaction I realized that I am suffering a grief response. This is not an academic discussion – people across America are suffering the grief of real loss. So what is Grief? […]

22Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Grief – an Emotional Response to the Economy | Continued
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Bush reacts to Steven Colbert

Son, On April 29, 2008, Steven Colbert was a guest at the White House correspondents dinner. The ABC news cameras focused on President George Bush during Colbert’s presentation. He does not seem happy. My take is that Steven Colbert is a little overboard. It strikes me that the President of the United States would grow […]

22Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bush reacts to Steven Colbert | Continued
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Interactive Internet News Media

Son, I have written about enjoying hard copy news papers.  This past five months I have been actively engaged in the world of internet news.  The interactive properties have changed the way I see news, and news reporting. Today I regularly read eight different online publications of long standing news organizations – and a couple […]

19Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Interactive Internet News Media | Continued
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Hard Copy News Papers –

Son, It was a cold Saturday morning, about 4:00 AM, in November of 1963.  I was sitting on a street corner on a bundle of newspapers, reading by the streetlight.  President John F. Kennedy has been assassinated the day before.  That is my first recollection of the value of the print media. Those were memorable […]

18Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Hard Copy News Papers – | Continued
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Benazir Bhutto has died

Son, Craziness is ruling the world. Benazir Bhutto has been killed in a suicide bombing in Pakistan. We people in America should stand together today, grateful that elections are upon us. We live in a country where we can affect change without killing people. We live in a Republic. We have opportunity. We are blessed. […]

27Dec2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Media Hosts fail as Celebrities

Son, A tragedy has befallen American Journalism. Cable and satellite feeds have created monster celebrities in the field of journalism. Everyone wants to be Walter Cronkite. The problem is that hey have not earned the stature. Wolf Blitzer, Chris Matthews, Tim Russert, Bill O’Reilly, Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, to name a few. These people have […]

25Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Media Hosts fail as Celebrities | Continued