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Tiger Woods Statement (Video)

Tiger has spoken – now the analysis begins. What did he say? What did he mean? Is he in denial? Is Tiger covering something? Has Tiger been completely honest? We have our own thoughts on these matters – but we will wait for an opportunity to speak responsibly on the subject of Tiger Woods, Tiger’s […]

19Feb2010 | | Comments Off on Tiger Woods Statement (Video) | Continued
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Exercise – jog-a-long in the snow

Son, I just did my first winter jog-a-long of the season. It is 30 degrees outside with a wind chill index of twenty degrees. The wind is from the north and there is mixed snow and rain. The snow is sticking on the grass but not on the pavement. I have not made this sort […]

22Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Exercise – jog-a-long in the snow | Continued