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The Irony of Ohg Rea Tone – the Conflict of Ideology

Ohg Rea Tone struggles, like others who believe wholeheartedly in their own point of view.  The simple twist of fate put Mr. Tone on the left side of most issues. Had the shoe of the other foot fallen a few millimeters to the right, Mr. Tone would sound the same, look the same, feel the […]

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The Ressurection of Ohg Rea Tone

Ohg Tone and I have been friends for forty years.  I first remember him when my oldest daughter was two years old.  Ohg showed up and brought sarcastic humor into my family.  As crude as he is – there is always a spark of humor.  Ohg became a writer for thefiresidepost.com in 2007.  After five […]

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My God is Better Than Your Allah

Mr. Clark is sick today so I come in to write for him.  My name is Ohg Tone.  He say I can write what I want so I going to write about what is wrong with this world the way I see it. My God is better than that fella called Allah.  I had a […]

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The Demise of Ohg Rea Tone

Ohg Rea Tone has passed nine months hither.  His demise was non-dramatic, no violence or accidents, just worn out.  Some say he was haggard,  a value judgment Mr. Tone would have found appropriate. Mr. Tone was a son, a brother, a father, and a grandfather – yet he had no family.  Mr. Tone was well […]

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Media Pendulum Swings Right

The phenomenon of the American Media is in full swing. The mass of opportunity is driven by the gravitational pull of pollsters. With the inertia growing, it seems improbable that we will see any shift to professional journalism in the near future. The throttle is open for the pendulum to swing far right. The value […]

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here’s to the crazy ones…

Dad, the true marriage of art and technology. Thanks to Steve Jobs for giving us a place along the way. And, truly, “think different.” Bryan

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