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“Life Has Killed The Dream I Dreamed”

Have you ever felt like Fantine?  Remember her – that forlorn girl of Victor Hugo’s imagination?  Hugo was a master of the forlorn, of les miserables.  We live in an unfair world.  That has been the case in my life – but life often favored me.  My life was blessed with work and play, blessed […]

28Sep2013 | | Comments Off on “Life Has Killed The Dream I Dreamed” | Continued
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Wicked, The Snape Effect, and Storytelling

There is a reason that we humans are fascinated with stories. There is a deep connection that we have with the stories of others. From history to social studies to literature, all learning is founded in story. Even in mathematics we learn that a powerful way of getting an answer with numbers is to tell […]

13Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Wicked, The Snape Effect, and Storytelling | Continued
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Candidates on Medical Marijuana

Son, How do we reasonably address issues of medication when we don’t understand the illness or the treatments? The candidates for President are asked to take positions on the legalizing of marijuana for medical treatment of a variety of illness. My own position has been that there are better medications to threat the same problem. […]

24Jan2008 | | 6 comments | Continued