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The Homosexual Paradigm – Personal Experience

(Originally posted May 1, 2012.  Re-posted out of a sense of need for the current discussion). There is no universal homosexual paradigm – but there are strong paradigms that drive our society.   Previous generations of Americans often ignored the Gay community – you stay in your closet, I’ll stay in mine.  Today we find the […]

1Mar2017 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Is Immigrant Synonymous with Criminal?

The solutions to the problem of immigration can only be effective if we understand the phenomenon for what it is. Immigration is a result of human trauma, of human oppression, of human rights violations, and of how people treat their neighbors.

24Apr2010 | | 4 comments | Continued
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The Criminal Paradigm, Fiddling around on the Roof

We were watching the old Topol character in Fiddler on the Roof. He portrays a man who struggles with tradition, struggles with the idea of changing ideology, struggles with changing his cultural prejudices. The movie is so universally accepted because all people relate to changing times and changing cultures, and the gut wrenching emotion those […]

16Apr2010 | | 8 comments | Continued
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The Poverty Paradigm – Misunderstanding Charity

We talk charitably about social justice, often with the liberal view of defending the disenfranchised. Taken out of context we might be seen as classic do-gooders who only enable irresponsibility. That is the common refrain for shallow, heartless capitalists who do not realize that there is profit in assisting the impoverished. Dr. Muhammad Yanus, an […]

12Dec2008 | | Comments Off on The Poverty Paradigm – Misunderstanding Charity | Continued
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Axioms of Simple People

The world often seems over populated with simple people.  Simple people generally expose themselves rather quickly.  They may be conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, Christian or atheist, black or white, rich or poor.  We recognize them through their life axioms.  The simplified axioms seem harmless on the surface – but that is the problem.  […]

8Dec2008 | | Comments Off on Axioms of Simple People | Continued
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The Ayers of Christian Redemption

American values are crossing swords in the 2008 Election for President of the United States.  Conflicting values are not unusual.  Actually, conflicting values come our way every day.  Such is the nature of ethics.  One such conflict is apparent in the redemption of former Weatherman Bill Ayers.  The social turmoil of the 1960’s continues to […]

19Oct2008 | | 15 comments | Continued
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Violations of our Constitution – Revolution

Son, We have written a number of times about our Founding Fathers, and their intent for this great country. Today finds our country again at the threshold of revolution. But American Revolution has come to mean that we have an election and the people decide in a peaceful manner what direction the country should take. […]

18Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued