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Twoness, The Paradox of Parenthood

I am a young Senior citizen.  As such one might deduce that my parents were part of “the greatest generation”.  That would be correct.  My parents grew up during the depression.  My father fought in World War Two.  Have I mentioned that there were seven children in my family?  My mother stayed home to raise […]

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The Cruel Hoax of Fanatics

Our dog is something of a rescue dog – she was turned over to a veterinary clinic with a gash on her head and one eye-ball literally hanging out.  We took responsibility for the dog ($800 over two years).  We do not know her age.  Obviously we know she suffered some trauma in her life.  […]

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“Never Brag On Your Children”

A relevant post revisited: December, 2009.  Parenting can sometimes feel like a complex endeavor – especially when the child is not cooperating.  When the child is failing to  meet expectations, to make the grade in school, to make the basketball team, to identify future aspirations – whatever – parents can become frustrated.  And that frustration […]

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A Father Reflects on Father’s Day

Father’s Day.  A day for celebrating our fathers, and a day for fatherly reflection.  I am in the later category today.  I was not a particularly good father when my children were small – and that gives one pause for reflection. Young and foolish, temperamental and energetic, smart and dumb-as-nails, motivated and selfish, educated yet […]

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The Paddle: Using Fear and Force in Public Schools

In an article for the Associated Press yesterday, contributed to by the Washington Post and published on the website chron.com (a Houston area online resource) Temple, Texas is reported to have reinstated corporal punishment.

19Apr2010 | | Comments Off on The Paddle: Using Fear and Force in Public Schools | Continued
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Axioms of Simple People

The world often seems over populated with simple people.  Simple people generally expose themselves rather quickly.  They may be conservative or liberal, Democrat or Republican, Christian or atheist, black or white, rich or poor.  We recognize them through their life axioms.  The simplified axioms seem harmless on the surface – but that is the problem.  […]

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The Conundrum of Humanity and Religion

One great irony of the human experience is the conflict between religion and science. The ‘human experience’ is essentially the act of awareness. The act of awareness allows us to explore our universe, to ask why and how, to speak in metaphor and allegory. But the human experience is also primal, seeking first to survive. […]

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Family Life and Family Values

Son, I respect the values you and your spouse have adopted. But life is not all or nothing – your choices have actually provided your family opportunities that others will not have. This is not criticism, this is a compliment. The ideas of no debt, of frugal money management, of thrift store shopping, of minimal […]

27Nov2007 | | Comments Off on Family Life and Family Values | Continued
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Simplicity and the Five Person Family

Dad, As you now know, my wife and I are having another baby. We are leaving the two child paradigm and entering into a new phase of family life. The idea of three children is a little daunting, but I think it will be good for us. The question becomes, “How do we maintain a […]

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