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Postcards From the RNC, Robo Calls That Is!

I keep getting robo calls from the RNC…. They desperately need $75 from me to fight the biased media and drain the swamp. What?? That is roughly 1/12th of my total monthly income. I have no problem telling them I am living on Social Security and not much of that, but I’m talking to deaf […]

21Nov2017 | | 0 comments | Continued
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Aren’t We Done Yet?!

I can recall earlier Presidential campaigns that were contemptuous to say the least and how I really, really could hardly bear the wait till the first Tuesday of November. This year is the worst I could ever have imagined. Although, recent postings on social media show us there is nothing new in this world and […]

4Oct2016 | | 0 comments | Continued
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“…misogynistic narcissist or the underwhelming oligarch?”

My son, Bryan, used the title of this post in a sentence the other day.  He was referring to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Well?  What do you think?  I looked up the words to be sure I understood what Bryan was suggesting – very interesting. Donald Trump is a misogynistic narcissist – among other […]

4May2016 | | 1 comment | Continued
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An Open Letter To Obama Haters

Once again my friend Herb Shane has posted something on facebook that is so well done that I am compelled to cut and paste it into a post on this site.  Thanks Herb.   Open letter to the Obama Haters: To your distress, for most of the rest of your life, you will bear this: […]

11Apr2012 | | 8 comments | Continued
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Treachery On The Trail To The Presidency

Every four years scores of people venture out on the trail to the Presidency.  Ultimately only one will finish the journey – will reach the goal.  There is danger at every turn.  One false step and the candidacy can be doomed.  Some recover from a slip or a slide – some perish, dashed on the […]

26Mar2011 | | Comments Off on Treachery On The Trail To The Presidency | Continued
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Elana Kagan – Supreme Court Nominee (Editorial)

As the editor of thefiresidepost I am proud to support the President of the United State in most of his endeavors to help create a more perfect union.  With that in mind we pass along to you some commentary from the White House on Elana Kagan, the Supreme Court nominee: President Obama announced this morning […]

10May2010 | | Comments Off on Elana Kagan – Supreme Court Nominee (Editorial) | Continued
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Regaining Respect for the Office of the Presidency.

We, in this country, have a proud history of respect for the office of the President. We rally around those who inspire us and lead us through troubled times. We have worked to separate the man from the office, and we have been successful in the past. There have always been jokes about the President, and comedians are supposed to push the envelope, to go where you don’t expect them to go. Something has changed, however, in the last decade. Where there was once reverence for the office and a certain degree of respect for the man in the White House, there is now complacency about the treatment of the Presidency. In previous generations, bad jokes about the President would have been met with a frown or, at best, a nervous chuckle. But today, the Presidency is the bread and butter of late night routines and gets only slightly better treatment in the mainstream media.

18Apr2010 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Marching for Health Reform

THE     P R E S I D E N T ’ S     P L AN    F O R    HE A L T H    R E F O RM “At this moment, we are being called upon to fulfill our duty to the citizens of this nation and to future generations… I don’t […]

18Mar2010 | | Comments Off on Marching for Health Reform | Continued
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The First Family – Obama’s are Marital Inspiration

President Obama and First Lady Michelle are celebrating Women’s History Month.  The kicked off the month with a White House gathering of women from the Girl Scouts to local Georgetown groups.  We find their intriguing presentation more than the typical political theater – the Obama’s are an inspiration to harmony in marriage.  Check this out: […]

9Mar2010 | | Comments Off on The First Family – Obama’s are Marital Inspiration | Continued
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Beyonce – “At Last” – along with Etta James

Beyonce demonstrated her great talent, a beautiful voice, with her rendition of “At Last” at the Presidential Inaugural Ball for Barack and Michelle Obama. It seems Etta James, the original recording artist of this great song, felt slighted and took offense at the Beyonce interpretation. Here they are – you decide for yourself which rendition is most appropriate for the occasion.

6Feb2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Super Nigger

Richard Pryor broke the rules, and we are grateful. Pryor was most effective in using humor to contrast the insanity of racism and the ultimate humor inherent in absurd words. Oprah will not like this post – but she failed to renew her advertising so we got nothing to lose, bro.

21Jan2009 | | Comments Off on Super Nigger | Continued
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Respecting Our President

“The King is dead. Long live the King.” The man is dead, the office lives on. Separating the man from the office is a constant struggle in troubling times. President George W. Bush has had a troubling eight years as our Chief Executive. Many of us did not agree with his decisions – and that is putting it mildly.

15Dec2008 | | 6 comments | Continued
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Obama’s confidence-rating: High, steady

by Mark Silva Perhaps it is the alacrity with which President-elect Barack Obama has set about assembling a Cabinet and army of advisers – an economic team named this week, defense coming next week. Or perhaps it is the expertise of the nominees – with a “towering” economic team that includes the six-foot-seven Paul Volcker, […]

29Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Obama’s confidence-rating: High, steady | Continued
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Thanksgiving Camp David-style

by Mark Silva Free-Range Roast Turkey. Cornbread Dressing. Cranberry Sauce. Sautéed Green Beans Morelia Style Gazpacho with Spinach Salad. It’s the Gazpacho that gives it away: These are the fixin’s for the Thanksgiving table today at Camp David, where President Bush has retreated with his family for the holiday. An overcast, wintry pall settled over […]

27Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Thanksgiving Camp David-style | Continued
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Barack Obama’s Leadership Paradox

Barack Obama has assumed the Presidency.  Might we say he has transcended the transition?  He will not take the oath of office until January 20, 2009 – but Barack Obama is the President in everything but title.  Obama has assumed the leadership role in America and around the world.  And the paradox of Obama centers […]

26Nov2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Finally, An Intellectual Moral President

Barack Obama is the President-elect. We should say that again: Barack Obama is the President-elect. It has been a long time.  We in America can be proud of ourselves.  Barack Obama is scholarly, educated in constitutional law, intellectually curious, a master communicator, and possesses the moral values of Ghandi, the wisdom of Solomon, and the […]

4Nov2008 | | 15 comments | Continued
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Redneck Gazette – Obama New President

Redneck Gazette Third Edition Punkin Center, Missouri, BR-777 Obama Wins Presidency! Obama Bring Hope A Time of Despair Obama done gone and won more votes to be the 44th President of the United States of America. And the electors in college like him best too. We was pretty sure that Obama was gonna win cause […]

4Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Redneck Gazette – Obama New President | Continued
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Redneck Gazette – Obama Gonna Win

Redneck Gazette Election Prediction Obama Gonna Be President McCain Goes Home It looks like this here election is a done deal. That fella from Illinois attracted most of the people. And we can tell you why. Because he did a better job – that is why. Some folks around here talked about him being a […]

3Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Redneck Gazette – Obama Gonna Win | Continued
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Colin Powell Endorses Obama

Is anyone surprised?  Not this writer.  Obama has all the qualities of leadership that Colin Powell would admire.  With the endorsement on Meet The Press, Powell talked about his admiration for both candidates. Powell brought up all of the issues we have been concerned with. Powell talked about the style and substance of the McCain […]

19Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Colin Powell Endorses Obama | Continued
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Letterman with Brian Williams

This is just a fascinating segment on David Letterman.  Letterman, as most know, has been after McCain for a week – McCain bailed out on a Letterman segment.  But to have Brian Williams on this talk/comedy show brings up issues that would really be funny if they were not so serious. Brian Williams notes with […]

4Oct2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Commander in Chief – Role of a Citizen

The Constitution of the United State of America vests the power of Commander in Chief with the Executive – The President. This feels clear to this writer that the intent was for a citizen, elected by the people, to act as Commander of the military. There was purpose in this intent. Here is a quote […]

22Sep2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Wall Street – Thunder Road

Do you remember Robert Mitchum in Thunder Road. He reminds us of the CEO’s of Exxon, Bear Stearns, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, etc. “The Law they never got him cause the devil got him first,” sort of thing. The Thunder Road movie was about moonshiners of the early 1950’s. Their daring driving gave birth to […]

19Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Wall Street – Thunder Road | Continued
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Andy of Mayberry for President

One of the Republican talking heads was on television today saying that there are about 100 cities of over a million people in America and there are 10,000 cities with fewer than 10,000 people.  “We are a nation of small cities.” That is their defense of Sara Palin for Vice President.  Whooee!  Why don’t we […]

3Sep2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Speaking of Experience

Experience is a fascinating topic, given the Presidential election of 2008.  This writer thinks it is reasonable to assume that none of the Founding Fathers had experience in Washington D. C.  Some of our greatest Presidents had little experience, including Lincoln, T. R. Roosevelt, and Woodrow Wilson.  Richard Nixon had a mere four years as […]

3Sep2008 | | Comments Off on Speaking of Experience | Continued
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Dichotomies of Political Philosophy

We live in a world of politics – but politics creates strange bedfellows. The Republican nominee for President, John McCain, is about to pick Alaska Governor Sarah Palin for the Vice President spot on the ticket. What a strange turn of events. Governor Palin is a fierce conservative – and that creates a real dichotomy […]

29Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Dichotomies of Political Philosophy | Continued
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Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech

This is truly a lady of first class stature. This is a person who did not seek public attention – it has been thrust upon her by a successful husband. Mrs. Obama has risen to the occasion. She demonstrates an eloquence missing from the First Lady ranks since Jackie Kennedy. Here she is at the […]

26Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech | Continued
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Hillary Clinton comments on Joe Biden

This writer just received and email form Hillary Clinton – we will share it here: I want to congratulate Joe Biden on becoming the vice presidential running nominee. Joe is a friend and colleague, a strong experienced leader and a devoted public servant. I look forward to not only seeing him in Denver next week […]

24Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Hillary Clinton comments on Joe Biden | Continued
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Obama and Biden, 8-23-2008

Barack Obama has show his maturity and self confidence, he has chosen a sophisticated political professional as his running mate. A less confident man would have chosen someone less qualified. Obama knows that Joe Biden is a powerful and forceful Senator with a great deal of knowledge about foreign and domestic policy. Congratulations, Mr. Obama, […]

24Aug2008 | | Comments Off on Obama and Biden, 8-23-2008 | Continued
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Imperialist History of the Presidency

Rarely has any President seen himself as being imperialistic. But Imperialism best defines the actions of past administrations. Rarely have we seen ourselves as “The Evil Empire.” But we should examine the facts. Alexander Hamilton, while not a President, was a founding father of this country. Hamilton advocated a strong military, and particularly a Navy, […]

30May2008 | | Comments Off on Imperialist History of the Presidency | Continued
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Obama, Clinton, ABC debate, 4-16-2008

6:40 PM: Here we go again. These debates are tiring – but very necessary. There are undecided voters out there who want information. They want to make a good decision – they know that bad decisions in the past two Presidential Elections have proved disastrous for our country and for the world. Clinton has been […]

17Apr2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Fox News – Bush’s Last Lap

Fox News has become the embarrassment of professional journalism. Ranking beneath bloggers in factual reporting and fair commentary, the only success of Fox has been to lower the bar of media expectations. Fortunately for all Americans, we can depend on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Intelligent reporting that is clearly unbiased may seem boring […]

12Apr2008 | | Comments Off on Fox News – Bush’s Last Lap | Continued
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The Personal Presidency of George W. Bush

Son, The history of leadership is couched in government structure.  Monarchy, Parliamentary,  Republic, Dictator, or pure totalitarianism.  Our country, The United States of America is a Republic – ruled by law.  Laws are constructed by a Congress that answers to the people.  Thus the idea that the people rule the country.  George W. Bush has […]

28Feb2008 | | Comments Off on The Personal Presidency of George W. Bush | Continued
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Obama and McCain, Vice President options

Son, The Washington Post is my favorite place to go for news and dialogue. They have produced a couple of compelling interviews in video form that are informative and interesting. I am compelled to share this information. These are good demonstrations of viable candidates for Vice President. Dad

27Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Obama and McCain, Vice President options | Continued
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Huckabee’s Hope for Future

Son, Mitt Romney has ‘suspended’ his quest for the Presidency. He is showing his business acumen. Large amounts of money have been invested in a marketing campaign that failed to sell the Bosco. Romney knows that he would be throwing good money after bad. So what does this do to the Republican nomination process? These […]

8Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Huckabee’s Hope for Future | Continued
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Al Gore Explains Global Warming to the Midwest…

Dad, The more snow we get, the more  I think this could be a reality… Man, that guy should run for president. Bryan.

6Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Al Gore Explains Global Warming to the Midwest… | Continued
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The Legacy of Bill Clinton is Hillary Clinton

Son, The unintended consequence of Bill Clinton’s life was in lending his charm, charisma, and personality to the very intellectual Hillary Rodham. Hillary will ultimately be the central legacy of the Presidency of Bill Clinton. Thank you Bill Clinton. Dad

2Feb2008 | | Comments Off on The Legacy of Bill Clinton is Hillary Clinton | Continued
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Bush – SOTU – no call for sacrifice – no hope

Son, One of the problems these past seven years is that the American public has not been asked to directly suffer to rigors of war. There is indirect suffering – blamed on the Democrats.  Bush gave his State of Denial. The President gave a list of highlights of his Presidency with the same set of […]

29Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Bush – SOTU – no call for sacrifice – no hope | Continued
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Video comparing Obama to Robert Kennedy

Son, The excitement of hope has returned to America. I was 18 and eligible for the draft when Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated. An entire generation of Americans was devastated. I remember the sense of loss, loss of hope, loss of dreams. Today I believe there are better days ahead. Dad

29Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Video comparing Obama to Robert Kennedy | Continued
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Kennedys endorse Obama – so what?

Son, There is an old axiom in local politics, “When someone or some group endorses you, you get all of their enemies and none of their friends.”  Is this true?  What can an endorsement by Ted Kennedy add to Mr. Obama’s candidacy. This is important on a couple of notes.  Senator Kennedy has as many […]

27Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Kennedys endorse Obama – so what? | Continued
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Candidates on Medical Marijuana

Son, How do we reasonably address issues of medication when we don’t understand the illness or the treatments? The candidates for President are asked to take positions on the legalizing of marijuana for medical treatment of a variety of illness. My own position has been that there are better medications to threat the same problem. […]

24Jan2008 | | 6 comments | Continued
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Election Process – the debates are good for process

Son, There is value in our election process. The Founding Fathers debated the idea of having the popular vote. There were some who thought the idea was flawed. Some said only landowners should vote. Some said only those with an education should vote. Some wanted a Monarchy. The debate amongst the Founding Fathers – a […]

23Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Election Process – the debates are good for process | Continued
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Is Bush suffering from Dementia?

Son, The attached video compares George Bush speaking over then years ago when running for Governor of Texas with his speaking skills today. So what is going on? Is the President suffering some early dementia or does the difficulty in speaking reflect the pressures of the job of President? I certainly don’t know. Dad

22Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Is Bush suffering from Dementia? | Continued
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MIke Huckabee and Tom Cruise – kindred spirits

Son, Thankfully, you and I do not always agree. You are a Christian man, I live in Missouri. We are similar in that each of us is passionate about our beliefs. Having beliefs and being passionate about them is something that I admire in people. The simple boundary is this, if I want you to […]

19Jan2008 | | Comments Off on MIke Huckabee and Tom Cruise – kindred spirits | Continued
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Debtor Nation – and deregulation of banking

Son, The current administration of George Bush has led directly to the faltering of the stock market. This follows with a faltering of our economic security and then, ultimately, our national security. So how does the administration get credit for this mess. The administration turned a blind eye to their corporate buddies who were gouging […]

18Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Debtor Nation – and deregulation of banking | Continued
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Charles Rangel on Hardball, 1-15-08

Son, Something exciting is happening in America.  Chris Matthews has Congressman Charles Rangel on his show and they are being civil.. Rangel is beside himself with joy over the prospects of an African-American President.  As should we all. Rangel, “We’ve had some terrible political setbacks and …I just hope that Barack Obama is a different […]

16Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Charles Rangel on Hardball, 1-15-08 | Continued
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Thompson is running for Vice President

Son, Fred Thompson is running for Vice President. He wants to restore the office to one of ceremony and afternoon naps. And you know what? That does not sound so bad after watching the current leadership. I started writing this as a joke but as I think about it someone like Fred would be a […]

16Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Thompson is running for Vice President | Continued
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Republican Debate – 1-10-08

Son, Who are these guys? Where did they come from? John McCain is the only legitimate candidate in this field. Fred Thompson is campaigning for vice-president, hoping to return the position to one of ceremony and afternoon naps. Mike Huckabee is seeking the office of Witty Spiritualist. Rudy Giuliani hopes to be Chief Bomb Sniffer. […]

11Jan2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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fear and change in politics

Dad, There is a discussion brewing on our post,” Leader or Expert: Choosing a President.” This election is charged with political, social, and religious fervor. All parts are being played, and the audience is large and diverse. One of the comments strikes a chord that I think represents a large slice of the Evangelicval and […]

11Jan2008 | | Comments Off on fear and change in politics | Continued
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John McCain wins New Hampshire

Son, I am relieved.  John McCain is the best chance the GOP has of getting my vote.  No – I don’t support the war in Iraq – but I like to think of myself as a multi issue voter.  He has won New Hampshire in spite of Mitt Romney spending a small fortune.  Ronmey’s loss […]

9Jan2008 | | Comments Off on John McCain wins New Hampshire | Continued
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Obama Turns Out – MSNBC Reports

Son, It is 8:15 PM, CST, and MSNBC is reporting with 56% of the tally that Obama has 35%, Edwards has 32%, and Clinton has 31%.  This is a major shift in the political landscape of the Democratic Party.  Obama is going to present a stiff challenge to tradition. Adrea Mitchell is on now – […]

4Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Obama Turns Out – MSNBC Reports | Continued