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The Future Is Not What It Used To Be

I studied electronics at The Electronics Institute in Kansas City. That was a long time ago. We studied vacuum tubes. Vacuum tube radios and television and radar systems. It was the dawn of the transistor – we talked about transistors in class, and experimented with diodes in building full-wave bridge power supplies. Resonant circuits were […]

12Dec2008 | | Comments Off on The Future Is Not What It Used To Be | Continued
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Obama Delivers First Democratic Video Address

By Michael Falcone From now on it will be the weekly “Democratic Radio Address” in name only. President-elect Barack Obama, capitalizing on his successful use of multimedia technologies during the campaign, delivered his message on Saturday using video as well as audio. It may seem like a political no-brainer in the age of YouTube, but […]

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The Internet Big Bang

The universe of modern media has been knocked off course, perhaps even blown to pieces.  The order of the media universe has been disrupted a few times by technology.  The printing press, radio, and television, and then cable television revolutionized means of communication.  The common denominator that has not changed is in top down construction […]

2Sep2008 | | Comments Off on The Internet Big Bang | Continued
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The Yearn for Normalcy

We really don’t know what ‘normal’ is – but all of us want it. We want safety and security. We want to own our home, raise our children, attend school plays and athletic events. We want proper health care for our family. We want to go to work and receive a decent pay check. We […]

25Aug2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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intimate anonymity in the electronic age

If you are reading this article, then it is no surprise to you that our electronic culture is changing faster than we can measure and our connectedness boasts the largest geographical and numerical network in history. The phenomenon of our communication age is a child of several technologies that all dramatically shaped our culture, and […]

2Jun2008 | | Comments Off on intimate anonymity in the electronic age | Continued
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CES: Wireless, Wireless, Wireless

Dad, I have been watching some of the reporting from abc.com about the Computer Electronics Show. I like to see what is out there, though I still have the 20 inch television with the A/V cables that hang out of the front auxilary jacks. What I notice about almost all of the new products is […]

11Jan2008 | | Comments Off on CES: Wireless, Wireless, Wireless | Continued
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Imus and Sharpton – still haggling

Son, Good for Don Imus. He has overcome adversity and is returning to the Radio airways. I am not an Imus kind of guy – I may be a smart-alack like him – but our philosophies are different. But this is not about me – it is about redemption from the pettiness of Al Sharpton. […]

2Dec2007 | | Comments Off on Imus and Sharpton – still haggling | Continued