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Truth Versus Faith

Truth, belief, and faith – three legs on the stool of human endeavor.  We seem to require all three but only truth can be measured and verified.  Some people will get all up in arms about at that statement.  They will say that I am challenging their faith.  I am not.  I am only saying […]

2Jan2017 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Global Warming Is Not Intuitive

Science is not always intuitive.  Science is often counter-intuitive.  We humans like to keep things simple.  We also like to answer the question “Why?”  Thus we look at nature and when there is no immediate, obvious, answer we, over time, have been inclined to just give God credit.  The result has been a slow response […]

24Aug2016 | | Comments Off on Global Warming Is Not Intuitive | Continued
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Why Bother With Grammar?

I write.  But that does not mean that I write correctly.  I am a college graduate, but that does not mean that I use proper grammar.  I write intuitively – meaning that my sense of grammar drives my structure – and I am sometimes wrong.  Any sophisticated endeavor requires both art and science. The late […]

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The Oddities of Genius

Have you ever known a genius?  Genius is usually a word used to describe certain traits of intelligence.  We might say a genius has a passion for learning and has unique processing capabilities.  They generally show a creativity and intelligence beyond their peers.  Some definitions are more fixed or measurable, like the score on an […]

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Inside The Minds of Rednecks – And Consequences

I recently had breakfast and invested my Saturday morning with a Redneck.  It was not his idea.  My truck needed repair and I wanted a sure fix.  A sure fix that did not cost me a bundle of anxiety and an empty pocket book.  (Pocket Book is a funny term).  I’ll call my Redneck friend […]

24Aug2010 | | 32 comments | Continued
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2012 Mayan Prediction – Respecting Logic

Marilyn vos Savant is some sort of genius who sells her logic to Parade Magazine.  People write with questions, Marilyn answers.  The question on January 31, 2010, concerned the Mayan prediction of the end of the world in the year 2012.  The question:  Can you add some logic to calm the hysteria?  The flaw in […]

3Feb2010 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Zodiac Predicts Modern Holidays

Astrology – the predictor of the Christ.  The three wise men followed their star charts to find the young King of men in his manger.  Who, we ask, can argue with the validity of astrology.  Even today, some 2,000 years later – the Zodiac accounts for, and often predicts, the activities of American holidays. I […]

9Jun2009 | | Comments Off on The Zodiac Predicts Modern Holidays | Continued
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Feral Children – Raised by Republicans

New opportunities for scientific research into nature and nurture continue to present themselves. At issue today, after thirty years of degenerate evolution of the Republican Party, is the social and intellectual skills of feral children raised by Republicans.

There are common traits now understood by anthropologists. The commonality originates in a nurturing environment of isolation, confinement, and strict conformity toharsh rule.

Warning to Readers – this post shifts from humor to very serious and graphic depictions of human behavior.

19Apr2009 | | Comments Off on Feral Children – Raised by Republicans | Continued
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The Stormy Marriage of Jesus

Arranged marriages are common in some cultures.  And why not?  We adults know what is best for our children.  We tell ourselves we are only being responsible when arranging their life.  The practice is highlighted in books and movies.  Perhaps the best known, or perhaps most entertaining, is “Fiddler on the Roof.”  After all, traditions […]

18Apr2009 | | 4 comments | Continued
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Fact, Fiction, Science, and the Story of God

Understanding science and the way that we interact with our world is valuable information, and speculating on the specifics of the stories if the Bible are valuable to a deeper understanding of their significance. We have to admit, however, that there will always be an element that we cannot explain, and that we have a choice every day whether or not we accept that unexplained part as the mystery and power of the story, or shrug it off as a delusion of the minds of men.

9Apr2009 | | Comments Off on Fact, Fiction, Science, and the Story of God | Continued
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Clean Body, Clean Mind?

Columnist Lee Dye reports: Maybe what the world really needs is a hot, sudsy bath. Researchers in Great Britain have found that even just washing your hands may make you less harsh in your judgment of others. Their study, published in the journal Psychological Science, asserts that feeling clean can “reduce the perceived seriousness of […]

5Dec2008 | | Comments Off on Clean Body, Clean Mind? | Continued
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Obama’s Team Chemistry – the X-Factor

President Elect Barack Obama is forming his team for governing the United States of America.  The buzz in the media centers around the personalities and talents of selected team members.  The entertainment value of media questions has been noted by the President Elect, “I know you are having fun with this,” when asked about previous […]

4Dec2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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This Election Was Personal – And Angry

This election was exhausting.  The campaigns were passionate in a time when deep fears griped each of us.  Even George Bush supporters believe he was treated unfairly by world events beyond his control – but those events happened to all of us.  All of us, Americans and our fellow earthly citizens, have been deeply impacted […]

5Nov2008 | | Comments Off on This Election Was Personal – And Angry | Continued
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Lincoln’s Rhetorical Flourishes, Shame on McCain/Palin

The idea of responding to Sarh Palin is contemptible.   Responding to McCain is bad enough.  But McCain has put the country in this position – and respond we must.  The latest attack by Palin is to suggest in a demeaning manner that Barack Obama “… knows something about rhetorical flourishes.” Be whatever you want, Sarah […]

24Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Lincoln’s Rhetorical Flourishes, Shame on McCain/Palin | Continued
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Nuclear Energy – a Video Debate

No one really knows. Or if they do they don’t agree with others equally confident of their knowledge. There are some things we can know – for instance, people are generally afraid of anything they do not understand. We step on harmless spiders and kill friendly snakes because we do not understand. Many of us […]

2Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Nuclear Energy – a Video Debate | Continued
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Gustav – A Message From God?

When Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States the reaction of the populace varied from the scientific to the religious. The scientists said the magnitude of the hurricane could be attributed to Global Warming.  Some fundamentalist theologians argued Katrina was sent by God to punish New Orleans for sinful ways. We use […]

31Aug2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Making Fun of Christians – or just making fun?

Son, Humor is the essence of sanity. Check out these videos. Humor has been my salvation, relieving me of the insane conflict of being a human – aware of myself and others – and aware of faith as both inspiration and superstition. Christian jokes abound – fueling awareness of human conflict. But what is humor […]

8Feb2008 | | Comments Off on Making Fun of Christians – or just making fun? | Continued
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Trash Talk – the elixir of life

 Son, Trash talk is the elixir of life, the stimulus of humanity, the foreplay of debate, a ceremonial dance before the big event.  Trash Talk is the spirit of politics, sports, scientific innovation, and even religion.  Minus Trash Talk, nothing is left. Did you ever notice two boxers at their weigh-in.  One might think it […]

13Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Trash Talk – the elixir of life | Continued
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Al Gore or Gandhi?

Dad, Like all of his other supporters, I would like to congratulate Al Gore on winning the Nobel Peace Prize. He has big shoes to fill. On February 2, 1977, Jimmy Carter addressed the nation in a cardigan sweater and asked us all to do our part and turn down our thermostat and wear a […]

12Oct2007 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Al Gore – Ozone Man

Son, The sweet smell of vindication. Time will ultimately tell the truth. Al Gore has been awarded the Nobel Prize for his lifetime achievement in bringing the issue of Global Warming to the attention of humanity. In 1992 Al Gore was a Vice Presidential Candidate, running with Bill Clinton on the Democratic ticket. They were […]

12Oct2007 | | Comments Off on Al Gore – Ozone Man | Continued
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Faith and Knowledge – differences

Son, You and I talk often about faith. It struck me that perhaps we are getting mixed up on semantics. Faith and knowledge are different things. Knowledge requires proof, faith does not. There is a new show on television with Jeff Foxworthy as the host. It is called, “Are you smarter than a 5th grader?” […]

10Oct2007 | | 3 comments | Continued