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The Conscience Clause, Death Panels, and Health Care Reform

The idea of legalizing a medical conscience for Health Care providers originated with the debate around abortion.  The idea was simple enough: If a physician was morally opposed to abortion, he should be allowed to follow his conscious.  Fair enough.  But the conscience clause evolved under the Bush Administration, growing nasty tentacles of religious dogma. […]

14Aug2009 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Mormon Scientologists for Jehovah on the 7th Day

Help me out here. In literature we distinguish fantasy from Science Fiction. The distinguishing variable – is it plausible. Do the premises set forth in the story violate basic principles of physics? Like a two ton dragon flying with a ten foot wing span – probably fantasy. A space ship flying across the galaxies in […]

29May2009 | | 21 comments | Continued
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Spoof of Tom Cruise on Scientology

Son, This actor is really great. I love this type of humor – I practice a form of this when writing and often people think I am serious – that is because this type of humor requires that we weave the truth into a paradox of humor. Check it out. the parody video Tom Cruise […]

23Jan2008 | | Comments Off on Spoof of Tom Cruise on Scientology | Continued