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The Moderate White American, Shameful Acts of Cowardly Comfort.

That title represents bold words for a one-eyed-fat-man.  I have two eyes.  I am also the alter-ego of an old white man – and my fellow white people, intelligent political moderates, have come up short in the advancing civilized struggle for morality and justice. People throughout my life have been weary of any direct confrontation […]

3Sep2017 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Tea Bag Protesters Encouraged by GOP Representatives

Warning to readers – the following videos are disgusting examples of free speech in America.   Irony abounds when the Teabaggers claim that President Obama is pushing the country toward socialism, communism,  Nazism, and totalitarianism.  The United States of America is a Republic, governed by representatives of the people.  The people elected President Obama and the […]

24Mar2010 | | Comments Off on Tea Bag Protesters Encouraged by GOP Representatives | Continued