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Serenity and Social Justice

I like the idea of social justice.  Probably because there are many opportunities to challenge society, to fight with others, to maintain the moral high ground, to bask in the righteousness of being right all the time.  Social Justice has been a ball and chain in my life. Check this out: I just googled who […]

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Top Ten Positive Emotions

Dr. Barbara Fredrickson has done some extraordinary work on positive emotions. Having a positive attitude has so may anecdotal arguments that we are frankly sad when we hear another. If I hear one more person tell me to ‘have an attitude of gratitude’ I think I will just spit. Thank God for Dr. Fredrickson – […]

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Serenity Prayer – full version

Son, What has become known as the Serenity Prayer was actually written by a protestant minister in 1934. Reinhold Niebuhr wrote the prayer as a routine closing for a Sunday Sermon. The Prayer has been condensed and cleansed of the reference to Jesus. This was useful to use the prayer as a method of inclusiveness. […]

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