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TRUMP – Despicable Me in Orange Hues

From a friend: Why does Trump always go after women by attacking their looks?? What mirror is he looking in to??? He is a vile, ugly, fat slob that looks like a cartoon character in Batman , except he does not need any makeup. He has goggle marks around his eyes from his fake spray […]

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The Homosexual Paradigm – Personal Experience

(Originally posted May 1, 2012.  Re-posted out of a sense of need for the current discussion). There is no universal homosexual paradigm – but there are strong paradigms that drive our society.   Previous generations of Americans often ignored the Gay community – you stay in your closet, I’ll stay in mine.  Today we find the […]

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Hammering Bill Cosby

Judd Apatow is a comedian – with skills perhaps not equal to Bill Cosby – but astoundingly accurate when portraying the beleaguered comedian. Apatow uses Cosby’s own style to hammer home a point – a point that must be made. This routine is entirely appropriate and dead on: Here is the link  

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Pay Day Loans and Porn

There are scavengers among us. They prey on the poor, the oppressed, and, strangely enough, the military. There are some things that the poor, the oppressed, and the military have in common. Loneliness, desperation, and a lack of money. I think that it is time to call a rat a rat. Two of the industries […]

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Sex Addiction – Real or Not? (Video)

CBS has done a nice job reporting on actor David Duchovny’s recent admission to a rehabilitation facility for Sex Addiction. My question is the same as most – Is Sex Addiction a legitimate addiction, or a legitimate mental illness, or both, or what? This writer believes that Obsessive Compulsive disorders are real, they are destructive, […]

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New Hampshire Gender Factor

Son, I don’t believe it.  Not this time.  Not in 2008.  The pundits are trying to analyze the prospects of the candidates in terms of old ideas.   Statistically, which means historically, demographics help predict outcomes.  Not this time. Tim Russert was on NBC News tonight – preaching the same old stuff.  “…New Hampshire has […]

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