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The Somber Occasion of An Abortion

My friend, Jubila, and I were having our daily debate about how smart we are as compared to the people with whom we disagree.  Generally speaking my friend and I are thought of as liberals so it should not surprise anyone that we think highly of ourselves.  Oh if life were so easy.  It is […]

16Aug2013 | | Comments Off on The Somber Occasion of An Abortion | Continued
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Brainwashing Tiger Woods – Failures of Addiction Therapy

Future psychologists will look back on this era of addiction treatment in much the same manner that they presently look back on 19th century mental asylums. The real sadness is that progressives in the present mental health community already recognize the deplorably foolish tactics of many addiction treatment centers.

20Feb2010 | | 6 comments | Continued
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Ohmydidhesayjihad? Take a close look at what right wing religious fundamentalism produces. Deny the Holocaust? How about denying Evolution.? Ponder the real cause of the September 11, 2001, attacks on America? Ponder the real cause of Global Warming? Fundamentalism has become a joke to the thinking people of the 21st Century. Omydidhesayjihad is no joke! […]

23Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Ohmydidhesayjihad | Continued
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Republicans have no Shame!

The Republican attack machine was operating at full steam in their criticism of Barack Obama as not having enough experience to be President.  Then Senator John McCain, the Republican nominee for President, chose Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate.  Now we find all of the Republican strategists bowing at the alter of […]

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