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Trial of John Doy

TRIAL OF JOHN DOY.In the month of January, 1859, Wm. A. Newman, of Platte County, had a favorite servant to run away from his home, in Weston, to Lawrence, Kansas. Dick being an active, intelligent and skillful carpenter, Newman offered a large reward, and in the month of February, 1859, at a point fourteen miles […]

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The Army of God, Scott Roeder, and the Right Side of History

Scott Roeder shot and killed late term abortion Doctor George Tiller May, 31, 2009.  No one disputes this fact.  Roeder proudly admitted to the shooting while on trial for murder in Kansas.    Roeder was convicted of murder by a jury of his peers.  Peers, in this case, means twelve people who lived in the county […]

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Obama, like Lincoln, ditches ideology

by Frank James Liberal supporters of President-elect Barack Obama’s who thought he was one of them should ready themselves, for they are about to be Greeleyed. Horace Greeley, for those who don’t or remember know their history, was the stridently abolitionist editor of the New York Tribune who in August 1862 wrote an open letter […]

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Ron Paul and Paulaholics attack Lincoln.

Son, Ron Paul is on the telephone with the Morning Joe folks. He is arguing that Lincoln is part of the “Hamiltonians who wanted a strong central government. Why did all other nations get rid of slavery without a civil war.” Asked of Paul, “How long should slavery have gone on? What was Abraham Lincoln […]

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Border Wars – MU and KU

Son, Many years have passed since that last great border wars between Missouri and Kansas. The previous height of conflict was 150 some years ago. The United States Civil War smashed the last barriers of civility and the borders were on fire. Today’s conflict will be settled, we hope, at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. […]

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