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Serenity and Social Justice

I like the idea of social justice.  Probably because there are many opportunities to challenge society, to fight with others, to maintain the moral high ground, to bask in the righteousness of being right all the time.  Social Justice has been a ball and chain in my life. Check this out: I just googled who […]

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A Personal Fight With Social Injustice

Most of my adult life people have treated me as if I am particularly intelligent.  Some have openly called me intellectual.  My thought was usually that they were mistaken, that I am well read and speak well.  When I take a shower and dress in a suit I present pretty well.  I did not receive […]

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Investing Our Self In A Cause

When we completely invest ourselves in any cause we risk our sanity.  From religion to politics to civil rights to social justice – to being employed in a noble profession – any cause can be consuming.  Problems come when we identify ourselves in the context of the cause.  We risk losing touch with social norms.  […]

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Education Reform Must Include Helping Abused Children

From Ohg Rea Tone: The downturn in the world economy has resulted in lost revenues for many government bodies – including drastic cuts to local education.  Most school districts are forced to evaluate their processes, to cut waste, to redefine their mission – essentially reforming old methods of education.  The most important asset of any […]

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The Church, Social Justice, And Hiding A Scandal

Does the Christian faith promote ‘social justice?’  The Pope of the Roman Catholic Church (is there another Pope?) verbally promotes social justice.  Liberation Theology found it’s roots in the Catholic Church.  Glen Beck made an issue out of the term ‘social justice’ when he suggested that it means socialism, communism, Nazism, Obamaism, and Liberalism.  Beck […]

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Pay Day Loans and Porn

There are scavengers among us. They prey on the poor, the oppressed, and, strangely enough, the military. There are some things that the poor, the oppressed, and the military have in common. Loneliness, desperation, and a lack of money. I think that it is time to call a rat a rat. Two of the industries […]

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5 gifts that can change the world

It is that time of year when I scramble to get the last gifts before all of the other saps try scrambling to get the last gift, thus, I beat the crowd  My family has been trying to get away from the obligatory knick-knack purchases that we have always ended up getting for those that […]

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Barack Obama – The Color of Water

These are troubling times of war and of economic despair. Yet there is a sense of hope. 50 million people in this country lack health care. Yet there is a sense of hope. We speak of immigration as if we are talking about cattle. Yet there is a sense of hope. Hope transcends troubles. Hope […]

30Oct2008 | | 9 comments | Continued
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Anecdote – Stoking Flames of Conversation

The Fireside often presents reason in the form of anecdote. We are not alone. Anecdotes are the parables of modern discourse. They are not scientific, not products of statistical analysis. Anecdotes offer insight by personalizing issues. Anecdotes are used to wrench the gut, to appeal to the human emotion, to define issues in terms of […]

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Big Oil holds Delta hostage

The oil industry is holding all of us hostage. Delta Air Lines is a recent example. The Associated Press reports Delta is offering ‘…voluntary severance payouts to roughly 30,000 employees…’ Delta hopes to cut 2,000 jobs. Why? Let’s define a scenario that makes our math easier to understand. For the sake of argument, let’s say […]

19Mar2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Christ, or Anti-Christ

Son, Take a look at the State of the World. Look at the role of religion in world events. Look at the disparity of faiths represented by the candidates for President of the United States. Who or what is running this show? The term, Anti- Christ, is mentioned in the Bible very briefly. I think […]

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Payday Loans and Bounce Rates

Son, The Payday loan business is just that, a business.  They are like any other business.  They make money by having a steady stream of customers.  And, like other businesses, they measure their success.  I would sure like to see their statistics. We write essays for this online magazine.  We measure our success in the […]

22Dec2007 | | Comments Off on Payday Loans and Bounce Rates | Continued
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Boston Legal on Predatory Lending

Son, I enjoy the TV program Boston Legal. Their stories are right out of the headlines. Last evening one of their ‘legal’ cases surrounded home foreclosure. Clarence, an employee of Crane, Pool?, and Schmidt, was two months behind on his mortgage payments because his interest had ballooned to 12%.? He had originated the 100% loan […]

21Dec2007 | | 1 comment | Continued
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Dead Immigrants

Son, We have become a disgusting society. Reader – prepare yourself for some sarcasm – this struck me as a blatant disregard for human life – read on. The banner headline on MSNBC as we speak is “Unidentified bodies often buried at taxpayer expense.” Heaven Forbid! What have we come to? Doctor Stern (Someone being […]

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Economic Conservative or Social Liberal?

Son, I like to tell people that I am an Economic Conservative and a Social Liberal. Are these opposing forces? That depends on how the News Media defines the terms. The problem with labels is the inflexibility of thought or compromise. When I think of Economic Conservative I think of being cautious with my money. […]

20Sep2007 | | 1 comment | Continued
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No Child Left Behind

Son, The local news paper reported today that federal funds must be taken from the most impoverished schools. The money will instead be used for staff training. The shift is a consequence of special education students failing to meet the standards set by the No Child Left Behind legislation. Mixed feelings abound – probably because […]

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