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A Facebook discussion on Drug Addiction

Ron Taylor shared Jordan Rice‘s post. May 5 at 11:09pm · Jordan Rice April 23 at 12:21pm · Thank you. Edit: I didn’t explain why I agree with this or any experiences I have which left people opinion to make a bunch of dumb ass opinions about my logic. I don’t have the time to […]

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Post Cards In The Eighth Ward

On this election day in 2016 I have been reflecting back over past elections.  Elections that were personal.  Elections that had real consequences.  Elections that shaped the education of my children.  Elections that shaped the quality of life for my neighbors.  Elections mattered then and they matter now.  This post is not a diatribe of […]

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Josh Has Joined thefiresidepost.com

Josh was once a good boy.  He lost his way.  We find him today hanging out with the outlaw of his family – Ohg Tone. Seriously, Josh is my nephew, and a fine writer.  I have watched him over the years, watched him grow in to a young man, watched him explore religion, watched him […]

31May2016 | | 2 comments | Continued
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More Notes On Political Correctness

We have insisted for a while now that ‘political’ correctness’ is simply about manners.  My standard line is simple:  political correctness was one thing in my fourth grade classroom with Mrs. Kingsborrow, another thing on the elementary school playground, and quite another in my mother’s kitchen.  The political right wing of America is embroiled in […]

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Another Senseless Death from Drug Addiction

Another young man from St. Joseph died this past weekend – apparently from long term drug addiction.  I knew him.  I knew him when he was about seven years old.  I also knew his family.  He was second generation drug addict.  Not his parents, as far as I know, but many of his aunts and […]

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Just One More Alcoholic Story

Note from Ohg Tone – I am just passing this story along.  I changed the names to protect all. By-line: Tommy C. Last January we started a new Al-Ann group at our Alano Club in St. Joseph, Missouri.  We have just finished restoring the room. http://alanostjoe.com/2014/08/09/new-hope-al-anon-has-a-fresh-look/ About a month ago, while working on that room, […]

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The Somber Occasion of An Abortion

My friend, Jubila, and I were having our daily debate about how smart we are as compared to the people with whom we disagree.  Generally speaking my friend and I are thought of as liberals so it should not surprise anyone that we think highly of ourselves.  Oh if life were so easy.  It is […]

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Drunk Jokes II

A drunk went to a police station wishing to speak with the burglar who had broken into his house the night before. “You’ll get your chance i court,” said the desk officer. “No, no, no!” said the man.  “I want to know how he got into the house without waking my wife.” ************************************************************************************************** “My sponsor […]

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On Alcoholics Anonymous – A Letter From Prison

Corresponding with an inmate in the Missouri prison system can be rewarding – and it can be heartbreaking.  My friend Joey is again in prison.  Joey is not a criminal – but four DUI’s will get anyone some time behind bars.  I met Joey when he was in Drug Court.  He was my client. As […]

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Celebrating Ignorance In Missouri

Ok, I admit, I live in Missouri.  For many years I justified this existence by saying I was close to my family.  That defense is losing ground.  Missouri is not an unusual “Red State” (meaning it votes new age Republican).  My thought is that Missouri is representative of that whole block of right wing fanatics […]

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People at Wal-Mart Video

I can not help it.  Most of these pictures were taken at the South Belt Wal-Mart in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Two of the people are my siblings – but I will not say which.

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Politics – Individual or Team Sport

Way back in about 1970 the folks down the road in St. Joe, Mo, voted to have non-partisan politics for their City Council.  So no one ran for office as a Democrat or a Republican – just interested community citizens.  The idea was that partisanship caused too much bickering.  The people in St. Joe wanted […]

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Spiritual Responsibility

To think that any particular faith, such as Christian or Muslim, is more favorable to God than another is an astoundingly arrogant notion – and it is irresponsible.

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St. Joseph, Missouri, Urban Trail in Winter

I happen to be in St. Joseph, Missouri, today.  The NFL playoffs brought me to town to visit old friends.  We arrived early and I decided to take a hike along the City’s Urban Trails.  The scenery is spectacular in Winter.  But the scenery points out the enigma of St. Joseph Leadership.   Check out the […]

17Jan2010 | | 2 comments | Continued
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The Big Disconnect Between Haves and Have-Nots

A really fascinating dichotomy occurs when community leaders have to go to the public for support on tax initiatives.  Our example is of a microcosm of modern America – the town of St. Joseph, Missouri.  We live in rural northwest Missouri, just outside of Punkin Center, and we watch the local economy.  The St. Joseph […]

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Embracing Casino Gambling

Casino gambling has spread across this great nation.  In Punkin Center, Missouri, where this writer lives, we see our neighbors leaving to go to “the boat.”  Wow, we think, right here in Punkin Center.  But that is not all.  Casino issues are on ballots across this country.  The Presidential election will draw big crowds – […]

19Oct2008 | | 1 comment | Continued
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An American Pie Story – and video

Son, I was in my late teens, sitting on a Missouri River levy. There were three of us, drinking Kansas beer. 3.2 Alcohol. We were too young to drink in Missouri. My 56′ Chevy was parked on top of the levy, we were sitting on the bank of the river. The doors on my Chevy […]

17Feb2008 | | Comments Off on An American Pie Story – and video | Continued