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Dancing With The Stars – 2010 Fall Season Recommendations

thefiresidepost.com is officially one site that can make recommendations on major entertainment and political personnel.  Here is our recommendation for the 2010 Dancing with the Stars roster. Dancing With The Stars is an entertaining program.  People from other professions – generally known at least in pop culture if not for professional achievement, are asked to […]

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Dancing With The Stars 2010 – Champion’s Dance-Off

We have enjoyed nine seasons of dancing with the stars.  Some of the celebrities were better dancers than they were celebrities.  Some should have remained anonymous.  But each season identified the best dancer – and each of the season champions should come back for a Champion’s Dance-Off Season. A quick recap: Season One:  Kelly Monaco […]

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Pacino – Scent of a Tango

I was channel surfing last evening when I happened on the ‘Dances with the Stars” program. The contestants were dancing a tango – so I stopped to watch. Not bad, I thought – but they seemed to be overdoing a wonderful and exotic dance. Unlike Al Pacino in “Scent of a Woman.” One of the […]

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