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“Life Has Killed The Dream I Dreamed”

Have you ever felt like Fantine?  Remember her – that forlorn girl of Victor Hugo’s imagination?  Hugo was a master of the forlorn, of les miserables.  We live in an unfair world.  That has been the case in my life – but life often favored me.  My life was blessed with work and play, blessed […]

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Spiritual Hope

Barack Obama has reignited the word hope.  He even wrote a book about hope.  His book is pretty convincing on the concept of hope, but sometimes hope is used so freely it looses it’s luster.  I am not endorsing Obama, as most of our readers may know, but believe he has a good grasp of […]

21Oct2008 | | 3 comments | Continued
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Another video on Prosperity Gospel

Son, I appreciate your struggle with the variety of means that Jesus is presented.  These are confusing times.  People who have become successful in America are conflicted – the traditional message of suffering no longer fits their lifestyle.  The ministers of the Prosperity Gospel seek to find an audience among the wealthy – why do […]

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