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There is No Such Thing As Christianity – Only Christians

al-Qaeda, ISIS, ISIL, Sunni, Shiite, the Muslim Brotherhood, the Mosque in St. Joseph, Missouri – all seen as representative of Islam.  Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Jehovah Witness, 7th Day Adventist, Presbyterian, Clarksdale Missouri Baptist, Mormon, and United Methodist – all seen as representative of Christianity.  These diverse religious organizations claim the mantel of their respective […]

16Nov2015 | | Comments Off on There is No Such Thing As Christianity – Only Christians | Continued
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The Problem Really is the Heterosexuals in the Military

There is a culture which surrounds all Military bases – both from the nature of a military and from the parasites that promote wanton behavior. The Department of Defense has let our soldiers down. Preparing a soldier for combat is not the only responsibility of the DOD – preparing the soldier for all aspects of life seems appropriate.

14Mar2010 | | Comments Off on The Problem Really is the Heterosexuals in the Military | Continued
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Something is Terribly Wrong in Youth Football

He was ‘jacked up’, got his bell rung, he was clocked.  He took it like a man.  This is real man sport.  Only a real man could take a hit like that.  Have you ever heard any of those sort of comments regarding football?  Have you ever used those terms yourself.  I have.  And I […]

2Feb2010 | | 1 comment | Continued
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The Changing Face of Etiquette

As we, our culture, are catered to by technology and the marketing machine, we begin to feel more entitled to the things that we consume and the benefits of our service industry. The idea of serving others is lost on those who become complacent with being served themselves.

20Jan2009 | | Comments Off on The Changing Face of Etiquette | Continued
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The Staying Power of Hannah Montana – and Miley Cyrus

I have written before that I know more about 1521 C.E. Europe than I do about pop culture in America today. But this magazine of ours has prompted me to look around. I even wrote a post on Lindsay Lohan. Hannah Montana’s name came up recently because she was selling out a concert in Kansas […]

11Dec2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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Meanwhile in Chicago

Posted by michaelscherer The Good Governor Blagojevich is back on the job, per the Chicago Tribune. [Spokesman Lucio] Guerrero said Blagojevich is back at work in the James R. Thompson Center and has met with staff to discuss the state budget and short term loans to help alleviate some of the state’s money pressures. Guerrero […]

10Dec2008 | | Comments Off on Meanwhile in Chicago | Continued
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Obama’s New World Order

By Karen Tumulty and Mark Thompson It was hard to miss the message that Barack Obama was sending with the powerful tableau lined up behind him onstage in Chicago. “I assembled this team because I’m a strong believer in strong personalities and strong opinions,” the President-elect said of his national-security picks. The top three members […]

4Dec2008 | | Comments Off on Obama’s New World Order | Continued
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Barack WHO?

Posted by Karen Tumulty After Sarah Palin got fooled by a prank call from “Nicolas Sarkozy,” you can see why a politician would be skeptical: WASHINGTON (CNN) –A Florida congresswoman – convinced she was being prank-called by a Barack Obama sound-alike – hung up on the actual president-elect Wednesday. Florida Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was told […]

4Dec2008 | | Comments Off on Barack WHO? | Continued
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Feminism and The Three Arguments Against Gay Marriage

By Michael Scherer Arguments against gay marriage tend to fall into three broad categories: it is a threat to tradition (the idea is historically not sanctioned; the bible does not approve); it is a threat to children (kids will learn about homosexuality in school, confuse gender roles, or even become gay themselves); and it is […]

26Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Feminism and The Three Arguments Against Gay Marriage | Continued
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Obama Announces More White House Picks

Two of these we sort of knew: Ron Klain will become Vice President Joe Biden’s chief of staff and Valerie Jarrett, longtime friend and confidante of both Barack and Michelle Obama, will have the title Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison (which looks like a very broad troubleshooting […]

15Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Obama Announces More White House Picks | Continued
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David Brooks Admits Defeat, For Now

By David Brooks As the election came to a close, I wrote a story about the dismal aftermath for the GOP: A leaderless party, a battered brand, an issue set that seems outmoded, an abandonment of bedrock principles, etc. The list goes on, and depending on which Republican you are talking to rather varied. On […]

11Nov2008 | | Comments Off on David Brooks Admits Defeat, For Now | Continued
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A Brief History of the “F-Bomb”

A Brief History Of The “F-Bomb” By M.J. Stephey Monday, Nov. 10, 2008 Comedian George Carlin performing his infamous 1973 monologue “Filthy Words” “The F-word is one of the most graphic, explicit and vulgar words in the English language,” U.S. Solicitor General Gregory Garre proclaimed last week during a Supreme Court hearing on the First […]

10Nov2008 | | Comments Off on A Brief History of the “F-Bomb” | Continued
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First Press Conference

Well, if the presidential campaign didn’t convince you that Barack Obama is one disciplined fellow, his first public appearance as President-elect certainly should have. The press conference was notable for several things: –he did not stray from or change a single position that he took during the course of the campaign. He emphasized his previous […]

7Nov2008 | | Comments Off on First Press Conference | Continued
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First Dude

It turns out Todd Palin is a closet metrosexual: On top of the $150,000 first outlined in Federal Election Commission filings, Palin spent “tens of thousands of dollars” on additional clothing, makeup and jewelry for herself and her family, including $40,000 in luxury goods for her husband, Todd, our colleague Michael Shear reports. The campaign […]

7Nov2008 | | 2 comments | Continued
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To The Mountaintop

By Joe Klein Word comes that Barack Obama’s grandmother has died. The timing is ridiculous. But think, for a moment, if you will of Madelyn Dunham, a white woman from Kansas, strolling the aisle of a supermarket, or having lunch in a coffee shop, with her grandson–way back at the turn of the 1970s, when […]

3Nov2008 | | Comments Off on To The Mountaintop | Continued
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Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs

NEWPORT NEWS, Va.–The McCain campaign makes signs for its crowds, usually simple messages painted in broad strokes with the sort of gritty red and blue paint they give to grade school kids. The messages are pretty standard: “We [Heart] McCain”; “Women 4 McCain”; “Keep Virginia Red”; and “McCain =The Hero America Needs.” The crowd’s own […]

1Nov2008 | | Comments Off on Signs, Signs, Everywhere Signs | Continued
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McCain in the Gutter

By Joe Klein There is so much desperate, crapulous spew from the McCain campaign right now that it’s hard to keep track of it all–but this ad, via Andrew Sullivan, marks some sort of low. Yet again–in a last, desperate attempt to scare the elderly Jews of Florida–McCain posits Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as the “leader” of […]

30Oct2008 | | Comments Off on McCain in the Gutter | Continued
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McCain has a Plumber; Obama has an Army

Or, rather, an Air Force pilot: The convention in Denver was Mr. Finan’s introduction to big-time politics, and he quickly found himself doing broadcast interviews for the first time. Between events he and about 25 other Iraq and Afghanistan veterans became like a small platoon. They slept on supporters’ floors. They hung out. And they […]

29Oct2008 | | Comments Off on McCain has a Plumber; Obama has an Army | Continued
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The Vindication of Howard Dean

Markos Moulitsas has a post today about the vindication of Howard Dean’s 50-state strategy. He’s right. When Dean launched the project, many thought it was foolhardy. As late as October 2006, top Dem strategists and elected officials were bemoaning the way Dean had spread the party’s money around instead of concentrating it on targets of […]

28Oct2008 | | Comments Off on The Vindication of Howard Dean | Continued
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Joe The Plumber Don’t Wear White Tie

But Barack Obama and John McCain do. And they don’t just look funny. They talk funny. This is from the Al Smith charity dinner Thursday night. Read Full Post and View Videos Here

17Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Joe The Plumber Don’t Wear White Tie | Continued
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Undecideds Laughing At, Not With, McCain

From TIME’s Amy Sullivan: In politics it is generally not considered a good sign when voters are laughing at you, not with you. And by the end of the third and last presidential debate, the undecided voters who had gathered in Denver for Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg’s focus group were “audibly snickering” at John McCain’s […]

16Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Undecideds Laughing At, Not With, McCain | Continued
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Gallup’s New Likely Voters Model

In an effort to measure the impact of Obama’s candidacy on the electorate, especially among young and minority voters, Gallup has begun publishing presidential tracking poll results based on two different “likely voter” models. Read Full Post Here

14Oct2008 | | Comments Off on Gallup’s New Likely Voters Model | Continued