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Trial of John Doy

TRIAL OF JOHN DOY.In the month of January, 1859, Wm. A. Newman, of Platte County, had a favorite servant to run away from his home, in Weston, to Lawrence, Kansas. Dick being an active, intelligent and skillful carpenter, Newman offered a large reward, and in the month of February, 1859, at a point fourteen miles […]

9Jan2015 | | Comments Off on Trial of John Doy | Continued
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The Necessity of a Public Trail For Terrorists

Five terrorists are being brought to New York from Gitmo to be tried for masterminding the assault on the World Trade Center in on 911.   This trial must not only happen – it must be very public. Court sanctioned evidence must be presented and tested.  Guilty or innocent – the trial must go on. The […]

23Nov2009 | | Comments Off on The Necessity of a Public Trail For Terrorists | Continued