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What’s the Matter, Don’t Like Actually Reaching Across the Isle?

To date, the Obama engine has been fueled by a rhetoric of change and hope. The “change” part of that language is not referring to a change in the political party in charge of ruining the government, it is a change in the fundamental way that we approach all of the decisions that we make fromt he top down. Rick Warren invited Obama to speak at his church, and Obama has invited Rick Warren to speak at his innauguration. Some say that this will alienate progressives, and I think that, to some degree, that is true. But let me ask you this: What is more progressive than going beyond sitting around a table together, but removing the table entirely and finding a way to stand together?

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Obama / McCain – with Rick Warren, 8-16-2006

Pastor Rick Warren, the phenomenon of modern Christianity that projects a sense of reasonableness, is hosting an interview with both Barack Obama and John McCain. This is an exciting time because a presumably reasonable man – thick with faith – is going to challenge Obama and McCain on a variety of issues. Thefiresidepost.com will be […]

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Rick Warren with Sally Quinn

Son, Sally Quinn, with the Washington Post, does the world a great service by promoting sane spirituality. We should be grateful:

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