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Chief’s Football Analysis by PEG

Well….I must comment on the KC Chiefs victory last night. Those of you who know me well….after being a lifetime fan, who remembers watching the Chiefs Win the Super Bowl in 1970, know the Chiefs lost my unconditional love after they lost 1998 AFC Divisional Home Game (13-3, home field advantage, 1st round bye) to […]

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Finally, An Intellectual Moral President

Barack Obama is the President-elect. We should say that again: Barack Obama is the President-elect. It has been a long time.  We in America can be proud of ourselves.  Barack Obama is scholarly, educated in constitutional law, intellectually curious, a master communicator, and possesses the moral values of Ghandi, the wisdom of Solomon, and the […]

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Obama, “We Can Win Virginia” speech

Son, Barack Obama gains strength every time he gives a speech. The confidence of victory resonates in his words, tone, and general presentation. He has taken the lead and now need to close the deal – It looks like he is ready. Dad

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