what is a subscription?
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what is a subscription?

If you like this magazine, there are a few ways that you can recieve the content from it without having to physically come here every day. We love having you, by all means, but if you would prefer to have all of your Fireside conversations in one place and not have to go clicking around online, here are a few easy ways to do it.

  • Get The Fireside Post by email: This one is pretty simple and personal – it is like getting letters from us all the time. If this sounds like it might suit you, fill out the form below and be done. Easy as pie.
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  • If you are wanting to be a bit more savvy and learn about feed readers, or you already have a reader and want to subscribe to recieve our articles in your reader, here is the skinny on that…

You, as a reader, have the option to “subscribe” to a blog that you like. Like this one. You will need to use a feed reader, or an aggregator, to subscribe to a blog, and chances are you already belong to a service that provides one. Google, Yahoo, AOL, and many other online big shots offer readers. I use Google reader, as it integrates nicely with my Google account. If you prefer to use a different service, you can try one of these…

bloglines ? feedlounge ? feeddemon ? newsgator

Some of these are online readers and some are desktop applications. Look around and see what you think will fit your computer use the best. Once you have a feed reader set up you can either insert the URL into the “subscribe” field in your reader, or you can click the orange “subscribe” chicklet on pages that offer them and choose the reader that you use. Simple, right? Now you won’t have to spend hours trolling through your favorite sites. They will all come to you!

If you would like to get started by subscribing now to the Fireside Post, you can click on the chicklet below. Happy subscribing!
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