Shifting Paradigms – Obama is On Track!

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Shifting Paradigms – Obama is On Track!


What is the driving mission, vision, philosophy, whatever, of the United States of America? We look to our Constitution for the how-to’s; we look to our leaders for the why-for’s. The national media continues to look to our candidates for office for specific logistical solutions to problems. They continue to look at how-to’s. I think we should be looking at the why-for’s.

Barack Obama inspires the why-for mentality. Obama talks about hope. Obama talks about the celebration of life. Obama honors strength and courage. Obama promotes a common purpose. Obama inspires unity and inclusiveness – both at home and abroad.

Obama represents a shift in fundamental paradigms. The Bush administration promotes a win/lose philosophy – “You are either with us or against us.” Obama’s message is inclusive, implying ‘how can all people win.’

I like that.


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