The Rise of Ron Paul
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The Rise of Ron Paul


Ron Paul is running for the Republican nomination for President of the United States.  ON the surface it seems entirely remarkable that this man of little logic is having so much success, both in admiring fans and his ability to raise money.  He is worth looking at – not because of his ideas – but because of why people would choose to follow him.

His success is a direct reflection of the discontent over the George W. Bush Administration.  Even the right wing zealots are dismayed.  Ron Paul offers such drastic change – while remaining Republican – that he offers hope to the downtrodden.

The extraordinary failures of the Bush foreign policy have caused a slingshot or pendulum affect – people are ready to jump to the other extreme.  The Ron Paul advocates correctly assess that our country is totally disrespected in the world.  They correctly assess that nation building in Iraq is foolish.  They correctly assess that stubborn arrogance alienates our fellow man.  But they incorrectly believe that another form of extremism is the solution.

George Bush defies logic.  But so does Ron Paul.  George Bush has proven that carefully choosing a President is the single most important responsibility of American citizens.  We cannot afford to get this choice wrong; the consequences are enormous.

2008 will be one of the most important elections in our history.  We need a voice of reason and stability in the White House.  There are several good candidates – from seasoned politician to those with the audacity of hope.

I like John McCain, Joe Biden, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and I am taking a hard look at John Edwards and Mike Huckabee.  Huckabee is the least attractive of these.

What are the qualities necessary for our next leader?  Intellect is certainly useful – that would be a stark contrast to King George II.  Solid values in humanity are requisite.  Willingness to compromise and work with others will be paramount.  The ability to articulate problems and solutions will serve to clarify and bring folks together behind important causes.

Readers – aside from personality – what are the necessary qualities of an American President?


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  1. As a member of my local GOP for 30 yrs, I voted for GWB the 1st time regretfully, but not the 2nd election. So, you would be correct that american citizens need to be aware of who we elect as our next president. You are INcorrect however by using your “No Child Left Behind” educational mentality of Ron Paul and his intellect. The man is brilliant and is indeed in fact just the Doctor that this sick country needs most. Sorry, your skewed and lame spin doesn’t work for us older folks. Your choices are all same ol’ status quo. Americans no longer want this in case you haven’t noticed.

  2. “a man of little logic”??? As a programmer/analyst, I have been dealing in logic for the past 25 years. I have researched each and every candidate throughly. I have come to the conclusion that Ron Paul is the Logical-thinking person’s choice. If you want sound-bytes or candidates that succumb to the emotions of the electorate, then Ron Paul is not for you. If you want a deep-thinker who is Honest, has integrity, and compassion for his fellow man, then take a look at Ron Paul.

  3. Look at the top tier candidates. They are all polished products, someone’s idea of they ought to do, say, and act like. They are the political version of a Twinkie. A polished Twinkie is still a Twinkie. No amount of lighting, scent, or additional polish, will make it good for you.

    Obama at least appears to be sincere, but he too watches the polls too much, to see what to say.

    Clinton absolutely scares me (for her stances on things, not because she is a woman.)

    Giuliani would be our first open drag-queen president, though he has no chance anyway.

    Clinton and Giuliani both strike me as “lifers”, people who are running just because that’s the “next thing” they ought to do, not because they have some burning desire to save the country or what not.

    Huckabee is good with the memorable one-liners, watch the debates. At times his answers sound quite good, if only off the topic at hand. He seems to want to preach to us too much.

    Ron Paul, on the other hand, absolutely reeks sincerity and truthfulness. He appears to say what he believes, damn the consequences. It is easy for him to not get caught up in answers when directly attacked during interviews, because to him its instinctual and he answers truth as he knows it.

    What I really like about Ron Paul is the fact that, like Ronald Reagan in the years past, you knew ahead of time where he stood, love it or hate it. They both say what’s on their mind. It is now famous how Ronald Reagan kept being told not to antagonize the Russians, kept nodding to the prepared speeches they gave him during his visit in Berlin, and then he gave the historical speech “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall.” His advisers nearly passed out in shock. That speech turned out to be a pivotal point in history.

    Not everything Ron Paul says is what I want or believe. No one candidate can do that. I trust Ron Paul though. I believe he wants good for the country, he is not in it for himself. He has not changed his stance in 25+ years. Look at his interviews from the 1980’s. This guy was born to be our president…

    Hopefully you won’t dismiss me as another “Crazy Ron Paul Supporter”, as I don’t think I am.

    Yet still…

    I am DEFINITELY voting for Ron Paul.

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