Challenging Sacred Cows of Politics
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Challenging Sacred Cows of Politics


I am one who attacks Sacred Cows. In that way Ron Paul and I are alike. There is something about the Ron Paul approach that unsettles me. It seems that he quotes obscure sources – fringe sources – sources of questionable repute. Are these sources questionable because they challenge old ideas or because they use distorted reasoning?  And where are we going with this election?

So Ron Paul has real value in this election process. He clearly makes the point that we must challenge old ways of thinking. Obama just said yesterday, “You can’t do the same thing and expect different results.”

So we are left to look for balance. We want a leader who can challenge old ways while maintaining a consensus of thought.  That is the central attribute of a really skilled politician.

Who is the candidate who promotes change – but also promotes consensus?   Who is the candidate who can get the job done?


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