NH Political Predictions of Ohg Rea Tone
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NH Political Predictions of Ohg Rea Tone


Some processes are all about momentum.  Momentum is not arbitrary – there are roots of rationale.  There is cause and purpose.  The forces at play in breaking the sled loose continue to propel – mass in motion is difficult to stop.  The block of votes gained in Iowa have gravitational pull that directly correlates to drawing further support.  Every State will add to the planetary body – increasing the pull.  With that said, by next week we will have strong indicators of the future of America.

New Hampshire will see the snowballs picking up mass and motion.  I checked with Nostradamus and the Book of Revelation for the wisdom of prophecy and found no help.  So I am left to my own devices, and here is how I believe New Hampshire will vote:


Barack Obama – 50%

Hillary Clinton – 45%

John Edwards – 5%


John McCain – 50%

Mitt Romney – 25%

Mike Huckabee – 10%

Fred Thompson – 10%

So how do I account for the dismal showing of Huckabee – after noting that momentum has gravitational pull?  Huckabee’s motion is elliptical – he has overshot the mark.  The problem with momentum rests in changing direction – Huckabee gained momentum in an evangelical direction that will miss the future mark.

A big snowball, rolling down a hill, will pick up speed and more mass.  But if it is headed toward a cliff then it will go off the cliff – It cannot change direction.


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