Bambi Obama
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Bambi Obama


Barack Obama has been anointed. Personally I am happy for him and for our country. But when a super star rises and the people rally – objective politics is endangered.

Who wants to shoot Bambi?


An afterthought – I wrote the above post with on a whim. It had already been posted when I realized the implications of what was written. Barack Obama is a charismatic Black man who might be president. He has Secret Service protection for a reason. The reason for this protection is validated by American History. Wackos abound – and they like to get attention – and Obama is the center of attention. Now this post is turning into something serious and I am not in the mood at the moment for seriousness. I write this qualifier because I don’t want the Secret Service coming to visit.

Tony Soprano would say, “What are you gonna do?” – In that innocent Italian way of letting go.

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