Chris Matthews, Racist, Chauvinist
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Chris Matthews, Racist, Chauvinist


The star of Chris Matthews has risen. Now we can see who he really is. And it is not pretty.

Clinton scored a huge comeback in New Hampshire. Matthews explanation – “…the New Hampshire voters lied to the pollsters. They lied about voting for a black man because they were embarrassed… Hillary did not show her human side – she cracked under pressure… Obama and Edwards ganged up on her in the Saturday debate and women felt sorry for her.”

Matthews is pathetic. His entire political commentary is about race and feminism. His chauvinism is particularly blatant.

Matthews is on Morning Joe right now – “Bill Clinton is so over the top. He was blaming everybody.” Perhaps Bill Clinton understands politics and knew what needed to happen. Matthews is the pilot who does not believe his instruments. He goes on – “Clinton got to be a Senator because her husband messed around. People felt sorry for her.” How much can this man insult the voters?

Matthews suggestion that women felt sorry for her is a direct insult to all women. Matthews cannot accept that women have brains and might be using them. He cannot accept that Hillary let her guard down and showed her humanity and people responded.

Chris Matthews is a Chauvinist and a Racist. And he is respected by the mainstream media – what does that say?


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  1. Truth hurts, doesn’t it?

    Chris Matthews is right on. The pollsters were lied to. However, he fails to realize that in NH, negative mailings and attacks by Bill helped Hillary.

    Bill is the new Karl Rove, spewing hate against Obama.

    Sorry, but there just aren’t enough old, white Democratic women in this country to give her victory in The White House.

    Independents always decide the victor and SHE CANNOT WIN W/O THEM! They’ll go Republican if she gets the nomination.

    No one has ever won the White House w/such huge unfavorable ratings like what Hillary has.

  2. “but there just aren’t enough old, white Democratic women ”

    uhhhh…women outnumber men in the US. Add in men who would vote for her (sorry, but real men arent taken in by gushy speehes, the futre of my family is too important to leave to “hope” I need to hear a plan”) and what you have is a democrat defeating a neo-con planted fluff speech sayer.

  3. I guess the pollsters polled only those who own land line phones leaving us the cell phone/ipod generation….hence got it all wrong….
    The big media felt they shd tell us who to vote for….hence got it all wrong….
    Believe it or not some white people will still tell you what the media want to hear only to vote for their race…hence the outcome.

  4. Being from NH, I saw the dynamics of the democratic primary firsthand. It is a ridiculous notion people voted for Clinton because she cried. After the Saturday night debate, Obama was seen as good speaker with no policy, Edwards was seen as a hack, and Clinton was seen as strong policy driven politican that could careless if she won a popularity contest. She simply beat them all of them in the debates. Qualified won over “change”. New Hampshire residents are very pragmatic and politically knowledgeable, they aren’t swayed by theatric or “so-called theatrics”

    Chris Matthews is a sore loser. He blattered on about winning the first two contest lead to the White House and after his guy lost he came out whining. So much for objectivity.

  5. uh, RobK, you better believe that there really are enough “old, white Democratic women” in this country to make a difference… in fact, they vote more often than most demographics do… and btw, “Independents” by definition do not vote as a group or because everybody else is doing it, that’s why we are independent…. please stop trying to make that term another party

  6. Not everything can be simplified into black and white. There’s some truth to Chris Matthew’s opinion, yet to say that’s the only reason Hillary won is wrong. People voted for her for a variety of reasons, as they did with Obama. No simple explanation is entirely true, but that doesn’t mean it’s totally false.

  7. Common,

    There is some truth to everything then. Relativism is not any excuse. Chris Matthews espoused his reasons. They show his bias as in they were far from objective. He said that Granite Staters are closeted bigots and took pity on a crying woman. He went on to say Clinton got pity earlier because of Bill’s infidelities. He discounted her again as a feeble woman that everyone voted for because of sympathy and not her stand on issues.

    Did a few people vote this way? It is possible, but to frame all the votes and prior votes in this light is idiotic.

  8. “there just aren’t enough old, white Democratic women in this country to give her victory in The White House.”
    Maybe but there are plenty of young Democratic women who will vote for her. Young Democratic men as well.

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