Hillary Clinton with Tim Russert
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Hillary Clinton with Tim Russert


Tim Russert played his cards at the table of a master.  He came up short.  But that is why Hillary Clinton is busy running for President and Tim Russert is busy sucking up to his buddy Chris Matthews and the corporate bosses who manage the media.  One can almost see Russert thinking, “Oh Boy, I hope Matthews is watching.”

Russert was on a wild eyed toot to discredit Hillary.  She sat patiently, knowing that pandering to the corporate media is one of the absurdities of running for President.  No matter how much money a candidate raises they cannot compete with the free publicity offered by celebrity media hosts.  This program speaks directly to the need for campaign finance reform.

Timn Russert rattles off quotes of a variety of people on particular issues.  Hillary, “I know you are very good at this but let me speak to what I know.”  Hillary went on to broaden the context of every single issue and quote that Russert presented.

Russert thinks he is some sort of Rhumpelstiltskin, trying to make gold from hay.  He asked about her emotional response to a question in New Hampshire.  Hillary countered intelligently and honestly, “I find that I am other directed.  I enjoy helping others. ”

Not finding any fodder for future out-of-context quotes, Russert moved on, asking,”Is Barack Obama ready to be President.”  Hillary correctly answered, “That is  for voters to decide.  I am saying that I am ready to be President.”  Russert attempted his clever back door attack, “So he is not ready to be President?”  Hillary, “Once again you are taking words I did not say.”  Russert is determined, “So if he is not ready to be President he is not ready to be Vice President?”  Hillary must surely have been dismayed at Russert’s trivial pursuit, but she kept her cool.  “I am just talking about myself.”

The depth of a true public servant completely overwhelms the depth of a self promoting media host who is all about the moment.  Russert and Matthews must meet at each other homes to play ‘Trivial Pursuit’ – they are probably masters.  They are totally inept at connecting the dots of the trivia into a picture of government interacting with humanity.

Hillary’s risk at investing an hour with Russert is that he and other pundits will take a few of her words from the entire interview and make headlines to sell Nielson ratings.  Having her and other candidates on the program is a public service – we voters need to be able to see the candidates.

Trash Talking the candidates later to sell advertising is no service to anyone but the corporate media.


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  1. I was disappointed in Tim Russert, whom I’ve enjoyed watching at other times. He was clearly on the attack.

    The most Hillary-hating talking head I’ve noticed yet, however, has to be Andrea Mitchell. Russert, at least, kept his feeling hidden. Mitchell evidently can’t.

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