Tim Russert plays the gender card
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Tim Russert plays the gender card


Tim Russert was ‘interviewing’ Hillary Clinton on Meet the Press this morning.  His line of questioning suggested his chauvinism rests just under the surface.  Russert asked of Hillary, “What was the moment of greatest adversity for you?”   Hillary’s answer, “We all know the answer to that.”

Yes we do – and so did Russert.  The question in itself is fair – it follows a new method of interviewing people for leadership positions in Corporate America.  Rather than look at past resume builders, the interviewer is looking for thought process and judgment.   What does one think of as adversity – and how does one handle adversity?  Fair enough.

The problem is that Russert does not ask that question of Giuliani or Thompson – men with failed marriages and trophy wives.  Russert asked the question of Hillary to embarass and humiliate a woman – he was not interested in thought process or judgment.

Russert cheapens the honorable and time tested program of Meet the Press.  The MSNBC media folks have lost their moral and professional bearing.


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