Nevada Democratic Debate, 1-15-08, beyond race
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Nevada Democratic Debate, 1-15-08, beyond race


The debate continues after addressing the issues of race.  Brian Williams, Tim Russert, and Natalie Morallis are the moderators.

To Edwards – What  is a white male to do running against these candidacies. Edwards – “This says really good things about America.”

Williams do you regret saying that Hillary is likable enough?  Obama, “Yes, I regret that it was not taken the way it was intended… We are all qualified candidates… We must address the important issues…”

I am tiring of the moderators – all of the questions are about the campaign and campaign tactics – We are 20 minutes into the debate and no questions on issues that matter.  The candidates are takaing opportunities to redirect the debate to the issues.  What is wrong with this news media?

Hillary tries to bring Russert around, “The question is who is most prepared to address the issues of medical insurance, energy policy, the war in Iraq, the economy… All of that and more is waiting for the next President…”

Russert – “Would you acknowledge that Obama and Edwards are prepared to be President.”  Clinton, “That is up to the voters.”

To Obama, Are youa n Operating Officer, Obama, “Being President involves having a vision of where the country needs to go, not shuffling papers.  And then being able to mobilizen and inspire the American people…  What is needed is sound judgment and a visioin for the future and the ability to mobilize people.”

Russert – Your greatest strength, Obama, “My ability to bring people together.  Weakness – don’t give a paper to me until two minutes before I need it or I will lose it.”

Edward, “Strength is fighting for my beliefs, against powerful well financed corporations… Weakness is a powerful emotional response to pain around me.”

Clinton, “I am passionately committed to what the country needs to change, that is what I have done for thirty five years.  I can deliver change… I get impatient and really frustrated when people don’t understand and I come across that way.”

Clinton, “I think the President has to be a CEO.  The President has to gather the right people and make sure they are directed with accountability… It is the head of state and the head of nation in one person…”

Obama, “There is no doubt that you have to be a good manager… Bring people together and hold them accountable… George Bush was always on time and never lost a paper…. What he could not do is listen to perspectives other than his own… He did not manage the effort to let the people know what the costs would be to go to war… He did not manage the bureaucracy problems…”

Williams to Obama, There is info on you on the internet, “That you are a Muslim, and will not pledge allegieance. ”  Obama, “I am a Christian, sworn in with a bible, and lead the pledge of allegiance… This is the internet age and I have been victimized by these lies… The American people are smarter than that…”

They are taking their first of three breaks,  I will post this now and continue with another post.


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