Boring Republicans run a 1994 Campaign
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Boring Republicans run a 1994 Campaign


Much of the media attention is given to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. Why is that? Fox news would say it is because the media is too liberal. If the Republicans would ever say anything new perhaps they would be in the news. My notion is that the Republicans are so darn boring.

Listen to the Republicans – if you can stand it. Flat. Unimaginative. The big toot is to profile the other Republican as being a ‘liberal.’ Doesn’t that argument get a little old, a little tired, and very boring. Talk about the politics of the past – these guys are living in the 1994. What does their message say about what they think of the people in their base – they think their followers are shallow, unobservant, fixed-wing, prop driven, antiques of the past.

McCain points to Romney’s record as Governor of Massachusetts. “Oh Yeah!” Romney says, “Look at McCain’s record in the Senate. He worked with Democrats. That means that he is a liberal! Look at me, I’ve never been divorced from any of my wives.” This campaign would be much more interesting if they really did talk like that.

Huckabee says, “I am so conservative that I would move us back to the middle ages of Christian sponsored Government!” Take that Romney and McCain. “I knew the Pope and you are no Pope.”

Giuliani is a serial husband so he just tries to stay out of the liberal conservative debate. He may be dating his future ex-wife.

All of the excitement is in the Democratic Party – does that make them the right choice? Not necessarily – but they sure are more fun to watch and listen to. The Democrats have Bill Clinton and Ted Kennedy – and those are just the folks on the sidelines. Obama throws a pass, Hillary tackles. Hillary runs an end around, Obama sends the linebacker. They have a game going that is exciting – their game has switched the lead six times. The winner will be the person who has last possession of the ball.

The Republicans are sitting at the 19th hole, drinking Heineken, talking about what might have been.  Watching the guys is like watching golf without Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

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  1. Lots of emotion . How about a fact based complaint. ps fu

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