McCains wins Florida – huge for his candidacy
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McCains wins Florida – huge for his candidacy


Based on exit polling – John McCain has scored a huge victory. His totals look like they will come in around 31%. It is huge because this give confidence to the people with the money. More money translates into being able to better distribute their message before the Super Tuesday Primaries – one week from today.

Romney is close behind with 30%. This is really important for McCain because the news of the past week was all about the economy – and Romney claims economics as his strength. The voters looked at the candidates and had a sense of truth.

The exit polls show that the big issue was the economy. Over 60% felt the economy is doing poorly. Surprisingly – those same folks have a positive view about the Bush Administration. So with the economy as the big issue and Romney coming in second – we can deduce that Romney is not resonating well with voters. This is also an important statistic for McCain to prove his strength.

Giuliani has suffered a big blow to his hopes for the Presidency. He is ranking third, with about 14 percent of the exit polls. It looks more and more like Giuliani is done. My guess is that most of the Giuliani supporters will go to McCain.

It looks like the conservative Huckabee is taking votes from Romney.  There are large numbers of retired military in Florida and those votes are likely going to McCain.

This is an important day for John McCain.


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  1. Yawn. But I thought McCain was a Democrat?!?!? How can that libterd be winning the GOP race? Why bother voting for McCain when Hillary will do as well.

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