Schizophrenic Politics – a Penrose Triangle
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Schizophrenic Politics – a Penrose Triangle

The observation of politics is a science and an art. The Love/Hate relationships of candidates create that schizophrenic confusion that befuddles ordinary people. The triangles of relationships is unsettling.

Obama and McCain challenge each other – but what is the context? We can follow an argument, or debate if you will, along logical lines – then we have a negative advertisement which we cannot discern at truth or fable.

Consider the imagery of this triangle:


This election process is very confusing with these candidates. But we have to add the input of others. President Bush weighs in, Governors and Senators, Immigrants and Unions – with every additional perspective the confusion grows. Add the layer of media interpretations – with unspoken bias – and the process becomes impossible for any other than the most dedicated.


This is the picture of American politics in 2008.  The concept can be understood with study.  The First Amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom of the press.  It seems to this writer that the idea of a free press was to guarantee a sensible interpretation of convoluted events and ideas.

Is the free press working in America?

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