This Time – The Tide is Turning
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This Time – The Tide is Turning

This time, this election, we must bridge the chasm of race, gender, politics – liberal and conservative, religion – fundamental, evangelical, literal, figurative, Christian or Islam.

Real leadership is nuanced. It is not black and white. It is not rooted in the winning and losing mentality of pure capitalism. I believe it was Henry Ford II who said, The right to fail is as inherent as the right to succeed.” That is true – but the complications of a global economy results in global grief from the failures of a few greedy corporations. We must have a free market – but markets that impact the many must be protected by the many – not the few.

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Real leaders do not wait for the line to assemble and then get in front. Real leaders speak to the people, they rally support for right, they accept responsibility, they lead.

This time we will have real leadership.

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  1. No matter how many times you say “hope” and “change,” those words can have no effect without IDEAS of what and how to change. 50% income tax rate, that’s a change, but it’s not a good change, nor a positive change. Socialized medicine is a change, and in every country where it has been attempted it has been an utter failure. Retreat from Iraq is a change, a change that will condemn the freedom loving Iragis who have tasted that freedom and who have shown support for the U.S. to the same fate as the South Vietnamese who wound up in the killing fields. What other changes does Obama have in store for us? What has he done in the past? Few, IF ANY, of his supporters can answer either of those questions.

    In 1996, according to exit polling, over 60% of those who voted for Bill Clinton said they did not trust him. They voted for him because their wallets were fatter than they were four years earlier and they gave him the credit. My wallet is fatter today than it was four years ago, I don’t give credit to George Bush, although he’s taking less of it than Bill Clinton did. I give credit to a good economy, good in spite of what the media tries to tell me.

  2. Obama-Bloomberg 08

    I think you have to understand how well Bloomberg managed NY to see why this would be an absolutely fantastic ticket.

    There is NO democrat out there more experienced on economic matters than Bloomberg.

    Bloomberg is an economic guru, the CEO of the largest economc organization.

    He worked his way up from nothing to be a one of the richest people in the world, with over 20 billion dollars, all by understanding the economy and making smart investments.

    He turned around New York after it was in a record debt after 9/11 and Giuliani. And now New York City has a surplus and tons of job creation.

    Plus he’s very green.

    And he draws in the same support from independents that Obama does.

    I think with the economic problems we have, Obama-Bloomberg would be a dream ticket and the perfect way to address the “experience” issue that Obama.

    Bloomberg has a record turning record defecits into surpluses even during bad economic times and New York City.

    And that’s exactly what we need to do at the national level.

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