Media Pendulum Swings Right
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Media Pendulum Swings Right

The phenomenon of the American Media is in full swing. The mass of opportunity is driven by the gravitational pull of pollsters. With the inertia growing, it seems improbable that we will see any shift to professional journalism in the near future. The throttle is open for the pendulum to swing far right.

The value of Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert is rising. These artists of the airwaves reflect truth and bring balance to current events. We at The Fireside Post do not have access to the AP wire – so we are left to evaluate after-the-fact. Jon Stewart is a master of artistic evaluation.

But what drives this swinging perspective of reporting? Our supposition is that corporate America is running the News and are profit motivated. The measurement of profit is taken by polling viewers – and adjusting content to attract customers.

Merely a few months past the media was all over the shining light of consumerism. Interest in Barack Obama was high – so the media became his lap dog. As interest waned in this creature of hope, the media shifted the corporate gears and created controversy to report.

Mixing steaming, bubbly potions of controversy drives viewer interest. In the interest of maintaining large audiences through the fall elections the corporate driven media, ever mindful of Grey’s Anatomy and CSI competition, is forced to create dramatic content. In this case the vehicle is push-polling, an age old political tool used to innocently sway public opinion.

Push polling is the art of asking biased questions to elicit particular responses – with a design of duping the public.

It is truly a sad day when respected media outlets fall victim to the frailties of corporate posture.

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