Obama and Biden, 8-23-2008
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Obama and Biden, 8-23-2008

Barack Obama has show his maturity and self confidence, he has chosen a sophisticated political professional as his running mate. A less confident man would have chosen someone less qualified. Obama knows that Joe Biden is a powerful and forceful Senator with a great deal of knowledge about foreign and domestic policy.

Congratulations, Mr. Obama, for making a wise choice.

“A statesmen with sound judgement who does not have to hide behind bluster to keep America strong,” Obama reports about Biden as he announces his choice for Vice President. Joe Biden will give us “some real straight talk” – an obvious slight to John McCain’s claim to be the candidate of straight talk.

Joe Biden is a man of such impeccable credentials that the McCain camp will have great difficulty with their attack dog mentality.  Joe Biden has a long person history of tragedy – elected at 29 years old to the Senate – the youngest since Thomas Jefferson – tragedy stuck quickly.  Joe Biden’s wife and 13 month old daughter were killed in an auto accident before he was sworn into office.  Biden refused to go to Washington to be sworn in, rather he demanded that the politicians come to his son’s hospital room for the swearing in ceremony.  Since that time, Bicen has commuted to Washington from his home in Delaware so he could be home with his children.

Biden is one of the two least wealthy people in the United States Senate.  He has never left his roots as a working class man and he will represent us very well on the Obama Team.

Barack Obama will be the next President of the United States.

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