Who Won The Debate, 9-26-2008
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Who Won The Debate, 9-26-2008

This writer watched closely. We felt that each candidate accomplished what they needed for this particular evening. Obama showed he could stand on the stage of foreign policy with McCain. After a tumultuous week of zig zagging McCain needed to show himself in command of his faculties.

Here are some reviews done by other media sources.

From CNN Poll:

Who Did the Best Job In the Debate?

Obama 51%
McCain 38%

Who Would Better Handle Economy?
Obama 58%
McCain 37%

Who Would Better Handle Iraq?
Obama 52%
McCain 47%

The polls are all over the place, some for McCain – some for Obama. It looks like the trend is for Obama.

This was a draw – but in this case the ties goes to Obama.

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  1. After watching the debate I felt like it was a back to back music video contest. If there were songs that could describe each candidate I feel they would be these:
    Obama would be Imagine by John Lennon
    McCain would be Glory Days by Bruce Springsteen

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