Finally, An Intellectual Moral President
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Ohg Rea Tone is all or nothing. He is educated and opinionated, more clever than smart, sarcastic and forthright. He writes intuitively - often disregarding rules of composition. Comment on his posts - he will likely respond with characteristic humor or genuine empathy. He is the real-deal.

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Finally, An Intellectual Moral President

Barack Obama is the President-elect.

We should say that again: Barack Obama is the President-elect.

It has been a long time.  We in America can be proud of ourselves.  Barack Obama is scholarly, educated in constitutional law, intellectually curious, a master communicator, and possesses the moral values of Ghandi, the wisdom of Solomon, and the courage of Sergeant York.  Barack Obama is a transformational figure – and at a time when the history of civilization is most desperate for legitimate leadership.

George Bush is neither intellectual nor moral.  Bill Clinton may have been the most intellectual of all Presidents, no need to dwell on his morals.  George H. W. Bush was a reasonably smart person with Republican morals – the contemporary GOP has forgotten the concept of noblesse oblige. Ronald Reagan had great communication skills, and contemporary Republican morals.  Jimmy Carter was a bright guy who could not make decisions.  Gerald Ford was a stand up guy with a limited understanding of the world around him.  Then there was Richard Nixon.  We could go on – but suffice it to say that the free world has been desperate for moral leadership for a long time.

The world has breathed a sigh of belief.  We can almost feel the tension relaxing.

September 11, 2001, released the absolute worst possible insanity from the most powerful leadership position in the history of man.  With meager intellect, a shallow grasp of human motivation, and a hot ego desperate for a war-time legacy – George Bush began the destruction of world diplomacy and civility.  Those aching News Conferences with the eloquent Tony Blair were embarrassments for all Americans.  Who can forget the President spitting words of hatred and violence with a big ugly smirk, “Bring it on.”  Bush does not realize that he was fortunate to have Tony Blair standing beside him to smooth the tension.  But the world gasped in horror.

Barack Obama’s intellect needs no defense.  People have said he is merely an orator, able to present a speech.  The difference between Obama and Reagan is simple, Obama wrote his own speeches – those wonderfully presented words actually reflect the composition of the man.  When Obama says, “this is not a red America, or a blue America, a Republican America or a Democrat America, a white America or a black America – This is the United States of America” – he means exactly that.  These are not just words.  This is a promise and a commitment to the unity of this country and of all mankind.

Obama possesses the practical reasonableness necessary for a leader.  He is forty-seven years old and has demonstrated intelligent choices, balanced choices, during his life.  He has demonstrated an empathy and compassion for others.  He has demonstrated that he believes in personal responsibility.  He believes in teaching others how to be responsible – and then letting those people make their choices.  He is a leader who empowers his followers – with little egotistical need to dominate with micro-managing (a fault of Jimmy Carter).  Obama will seek compromise because he understands the value of consensus as opposed to majority domination.

Obama possesses the courage necessary to take a position and hold the hill.  In nearly thirty debates with the most powerful people in this nation Barack Obama held his position.  Obama demonstrated patience and a sound temperament – demonstrating faith that his position would prevail.  When attacked, whether justified or not, Obama was prepared and willing to defend himself and to counter punch.  He is not some four-eyed-scholar hunkering down in the corner of the school yard, afraid of the bullies.  Obama stood up to the bullies and said in paraphrased terms – “Your bullying days are over.”

Obama possesses the intellectual curiosity and capacity to grasp the nuances of international relations and international economics.  With a profound appreciation and understanding of other cultures and other faiths he is not likely to offend the sensibilities of others at the cost of diplomatic relations.  Obama’s scholarly and depth of intellectual understanding of the vast variety of government structures will allow him to spin the wool and weave the blanket of world peace.

The ugliness of the McCain Campaign will be forgiven by Obama – his courage, intellect, and moral values speak louder than his ego.

These character traits, Intellect, courage, and moral values, will dominate the Obama Presidency.  Obama will not deny science.  Obama will not deny diplomacy.  Obama will not deny poverty.  Obama will not deny inequality.

And the world will be a safer, more sane place.

Thank you Mr. President.

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  1. No no… say goodbye to america, and hello to the newest version of the soviet union. I hope you are proud of the america who has decided to steal from those who steal. Let me ask you this…. you have 4 kids, and I have none- should I be able to come take 1 of them and re-distribute your children? I don’t think so.

  2. Thank you for giving voice to my thoughts and yes, thank you, Mr. President!

  3. What garbage, I’m saving this blog for when reality sets in. Of course “Ohg Rea Tone” will be in hiding by then.

  4. Billy Gerimo is an idiot.

  5. Congratulations, President Obama! And congratulations to all of us for overcoming the racists, the religious fanatics, and the retrograde Southerners.

  6. It isn’t scary that Obama has won but that the lunatic Liberals have also taken control of Congress.

  7. […] The Fireside Post: Finally! An intellectual Moral President. […]

  8. Capt America,–you reap what you sow. The dems wouldnt have made the power moves they did without Bush bending the country over the past eight years.

  9. Mr. Gerimo, you have no basis to believe those things as you provide no proof to your accusations.

  10. A “moral President”? You really were not paying attention during Obama’s campaign, were you! I believe it is time the USA had a black President…but not this guy. He is a liar; When he was caught in a lie, he simply back tracked and re-worded his statement to either say exactly the same thing or deny that he had said it at all. In addition, he wants to provide what the politically correct call “Gays” equal rights under the equal rights amendment, as well as the right to get married and have marital rights…etc…etc….etc… This is moral to you?

    I use to think Colin Powell would make a good president…then he became turn coat; and not for the reasons he stated…apparently Mr. Powell is moral according to your morality scale as well? McCain was the best candidate when George W. Bush ran the first time…How McCain got pushed to the side I will never understand, and McCain was the best candidate during this election as well.

    We’re in for some really hard times. I hope Obama does not continue messing up our military and our health care insurance systems the way the Clintons did…oh…Obama was a much better candidate than Hilary…but he does not have what it takes to run this country. I hope he proves me wrong, but I doubt that he will.

  11. Who are the idiot trolls populating the comments here – please crawl back in your holes for about 8 years while someone intelligent actually leads this country, and inspires its citizens and the world. We as a nation have had enough of the negativity…

  12. Why does intellectualism scare a certain kind of person so much? I want my president to be the most intelligent, most reasonable, most capable person. We have embraced mediocrity for eight years, and look what we have reaped. Many of our forefathers’ most dearly-held beliefs have been trampled by the Bush administration.

    Oh, and Ruidosoman? Why would you deny civil rights to your fellow citizens? Do you feel that is moral? Denying our gay and lesbian fellow citizens the right to marry sets a dangerous precedent. Spew enough hatred, and maybe somebody will try to tell you who you can and can’t marry. How would you like that?

  13. Moral? He is definitely not moral. Killing babies through abortion is not moral.

  14. You know, I can remember some pundits claiming almost the same thing about Jimmie Carter way back when. And we saw what kind of president he turned out to be. We’re still suffering for it.

    This post seems to me like typical kiss-ass commentary from someone addicted to the Obama kool-aid. There are still so many questions about our new president-elect that haven’t been properly answered and his stand on abortion is NOT moral. And will you still sing your pretty tune when you start paying MORE taxes?

    Yes, he’s my president now so I’m stuck. I honestly wish him well, hope he grows in the office and rises appropriately to the challenges. I will give him the respect due his office, unlike so many who would not grant Bush the same courtesy in the previous elections. Nor will I or others of like mind cause riots, throw tantrums or threaten to leave the country…

    Rather, I will continue to pray for our country and will include Obama and his advisers in those prayers, just as I have with Bush & co. I sincerely and DEEPLY hope Obama proves me and others like me wrong who are still suspicious of him and his intentions.

  15. Motorfingaz,
    I would join all Americans, regardless of party affiliation, and wish Mr. Obama the best and hope that he only does good for the country and bring her no harm…

    But, having said that, I would remind you that it is the maniacal left and their allies and sycophants in the MSM that have conspired to diminish the current President in the eyes of our nation as well as by fearmongering about both the economy and foreign policy for the last 8 years. For that entire time we have heard such things as “He’s not my President”, “Bush lied, people died!”, “Chimpy BusHitlerBurton”, allegations of intentionally ignoring the effects of Katrina-a responsibility more appropriately laid at the feet of the Mayor of New Orleans and the former Governor of Lousiana, and whisper campaigns of fascist intent and how “Boooooosh is intellectually incurious”.

    Had it not been for the MSM running interference for him, Obama may not have won. Indeed, the media would have had a field day had:
    1)McCain sat in a white supremicist’s church for 20 years, and called the same person his mentor and spiritual advisor.
    2) Had McCain had a political ally that was an unrepentant abortion clinic bomber who had escaped prosecution on a technicality.
    3) Had McCain been nearly as secretive about his past as Obama has been.
    4) Had McCain reneged on his promise to accept public financing for his campaign and effectively bought the election

    Again while I accept and congratulate Obama on his victory, and wish him well, I am already tired of the hypocritical calls for conciliation and moderation by the same hyper-partisan zealots who have spent the better part of 8 years tearing down Bush and America, indeed rooting for our defeat and humiliation at the hands of our enemies, merely as a function of their will to power. You can be sure that this will not be the predominant posture of the folks on the right; we will be more of a loyal opposition than the Democrats and the left ever were…

    Best Wishes

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